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In a letter sent today to all professional teams, UCI President Pat McQuaid outlined the situation that has arisen as a result of the French Cycling Federation’s (FFC) decision to agree to ASO’s request to organise Paris-Nice as an event on the national calendar, under the exclusive jurisdiction of French law.

This measure is utterly irregular and will have far-reaching consequences for all parties involved.

The UCI wished it to be known first of all that, under the chosen format (event on the national calendar, under exclusive jurisdiction of French law), the UCI rules do not permit Paris-Nice to be considered an event on the French national calendar. Consequently, if the FFC insists on maintaining this position, the race will take place entirely outside the regulatory and organisational structure of the UCI. Continue Reading »

The Union Cycliste Internationale under the Presidency of Pat McQuaid gave Irish cycling a real jolt during the week with the announcement that Ireland had qualified four representatives for the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing in the Autumn. Naturally the Paralympic Council of Ireland (PCI) were cock-a-hoop with the news as was Cycling Ireland.

Whilst at the moment, Ireland have two representatives and one mountainbiker for the Olympic Games in August. Also the prospects of David O’Loughlin from Cong, Co. Mayo making the team for the Trackis very much on course. Currently he is Los Angeles at the third round of the World Track Championships.

In esence the medal winning performances by the Irish Squad at last November’s Pan American Championships in Colombia gave the PCI a real fillip. When you think of it prior to the championships only one bike had made the cut.

Irish Paralympic Cycling Manager Denis Toomey said today “To come from a single male qualification slot for Athens in 2004 to three male and one female in 2008 has been a phenomenal leap. It justifies the great support given to the squad by the Irish Sports Council, the Paralympic Council of Ireland, Cycling Ireland and everyone else who came to our aid to ensure we travelled and competed at all the ranking events. It is a major credit to their level of professionalism and commitment of the athletes and coaches shown especially during the last year,” said Denis.

The main contenders for the places on the Beijing Squad include:-

Visually Impaired rider Michael Delaney with Tandem Pilot David Peelo Visually Impaired rider Catherine Walsh with Tandem Pilot Joanna Hickey

Locomotor Disorder (Arm amputee) rider Cathal Miller

Cerebral Palsy rider Enda Smyth

Final team selection will be announced by the PCI in June.

The 2008 UCI ProTour breaks new ground with the Tour Down Under in Australia getting the nod for a January 22 kick off. Unfortunately the ballyhoo about the TDU getting the status at the Congress in Stuttgart in Germany in Septenmber has failed to ignite the top professionals going to Aussie land. They have stayed put in Europe despite the inclement weather.

(Picture from Graham Watson‘s website)

According to the race’s official start list the stars of the peloton will not be in the race and the majority of the 18 ProTour teams on the start line will be supplemented by cyclists who rarely make it into the top events on this side of the globe.

Australian competitors who race regularly in Europe will not abdicate their responsibility to participate in the TDU. Cadel Evans has declared that he will not be starting despite the fact that he was the overall winner of the ProTour last season. Citing that he has the Tour de France as his major objective for the coming season.

Local hero and Paris-Roubaix winner Stuart O’Grady, rival Robbie McEwen, who leads the Silence-Lotto team and Belgium’s Philippe Gilbert of Francaise des Jeux will be the mainstays of the TDU.

As President of the UCI Pat McQuaid was instrumental in arranging to have Australia included in the Protour. He envisaged that the TDU would add to the UCI’s global plan to make the PRO better known throughout the cycling world. Notwithstanding this minor set back, in years to come Australia and other parts of the globe will be organising ProTour events in countries where cycling at the moment is on the back burner.

(Picture from Graham Watson‘s website)

The TDU is a well-organised race but the 2008 start list clearly falls well short of the status that it occupies in the pecking order in relation to European events.

Quiet rightly the UCI are aware that a child creeps before it walks! There are rest my case.

Pat McQuaid as President of the Union Cycliste Internationale is adamant that Ivan Basso will be banned from the sport for two years. ‘If he is of the impression through his national federation Italy, that owning up to his involvement in Operacion Puerto, that he will be treated leniently and get less than the mandatory two years, he is not in the real world. Plus his latest statement is bizarre to say the least,’ said McQuaid as he prepared to leave for Moscow.

A day after admitting to be involved in Operacion Puerto, Ivan Basso has given a press conference in Milano.

Most important in his speech was denying of ever having used the blood which was found in Eufemiano Fuentes’ clinic. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Basso stated: “In my career I have never used doping products or resorted to blood transfusions.”

Although being suspended now, the Italian plans a come-back. “I will serve my suspension and then return to race. I know that returning will make me feel better; I think that the group will accept me.

“I am fully aware that an attempt at doping is tantamount to doping, but I am asking to be excused for this and that should be enough,” he added.

Basso claimed that he achieved all of his victories, including the 2006 Giro d’Italia, without any doping. “All my victories were obtained in an honest manner and nobody can contest what I achieved in the 2006 Giro d’Italia no more than the other results I achieved during my career.”

Although the former Team CSC and Discovery Channel rider announced to be willing to co-operate in further investigations, he refused to say any names. “I can’t vouch for the honour of my colleagues, who wins honestly, like I have always done.”

Moreover, he claims that he all did it individually, without any involvement of other cyclists. “There is talk about how I am a repenter, or a collaborator. I want to clarify that I was not asked about the other people involved, further, I don’t know of riders or other people involved.”

Reflecting about his decision to admit his plans of doping use, he said that “it was a weak moment, but I am aware that attempting to dope is the same as doping. I will serve my sentence and return to the work I love.

“I will assume my responsibilities, confronting my family, who has stood beside me in my decision,” Basso concluded.

This coming Sunday, the attention turns to balbriggan for the Noel and Kieran Hammond Memorials’.

Nine hours of negotiation finally resolved the impasse between the Union Cycliste Internationale of which Dubliner, Pat McQuaid heads as president and Amaury Sports organisation (ASO) of which the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuleta (Tour of Spain) are members of early yesterday morning.
The governing body of the UCI gave the go ahead for teams to participate in the Paris/Nice which starts this Sunday.
The teams found themselves facing a dilemma as the UCI threatened to sanction those who would participate in the race hosted by Tour de France organisers ASO.
On the other hand, ASO sent out a strong message as well by announcing to reject those teams that would skip Paris-Nice, from the Tour de France as well.

‘It was like a Conclave to elect a Pope! We did not step outside the meeting room and not as much as a cup of tea passed my lips. But, it was important that this was resolved for all concerned with the sport.
‘It also means that whilst the three tours will have the option of inviting teams to their particular races, the ProTour will have the opportunity to promote ProTour events in any oart of the globe. Heretofore, these events were all held on the European mainland.
‘Ireland has the option of now making a bid for an event.
‘Let’s say that the experience I gained in my earlier career as president of Cycling Ireland was beneficial and now we can look forward to the promotion cycling all over the world,’ said Pat.