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Pictures by John Pierce, PhotoSport International:

Victoriu Pendleton and S Reade wins Team Sprint GOLD for Women.
Victoriu Pendleton and S Reade wins Team Sprint GOLD for Women.

World Sprint Womens full podiums.
World Sprint Womens full podiums.

Rebecca Romero Takes Gold at Womens Pursuit.
Rebecca Romero Takes Gold at Womens Pursuit.

Pictures by John Pierce, PhotoSport International:

Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins (GB) Wins Gold In Pursuit (3)
Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins (GB) Wins Gold In Pursuit (3)

World Track Cycling France Win Team Sprint Great Britain 2nd
France Win Team Sprint

Great Britain 2nd
Great Britain gets Second in Team Sprint

Malaysian rider Awang in Men Sprint
Malaysian rider Awang in Men Sprint

Malaysian rider Josiah Ng in Men Sprint
Malaysian rider Josiah Ng in Men Sprint

Great Britain Team Pursuit, lead by Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins
Great Britain Team Pursuit, lead by Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins

Canon, a world-leader in imaging and information technology solutions has confirmed its continued support as the official imaging supplier to the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester 26th to 30th March 2008.

Canon’s regional Business Centre based in the North East is supplying a range of high-end mono and colour printing equipment to the event.  It is imperative to the race that a high level of service and reliability is provided and the company’s on-site technical support guarantee that all race results of the high-speed, high-drama races are captured, distributed and viewed by race organisers and the general public. Continue Reading »

Former world BMX and track cycling world champion Jamie Staff (GB) is on excellent form ahead of the UCI World Track Cycling Championships in Manchester – 26th to 30th March.


The track sprinter from Ashford in Kent has come along way since he won the BMX world title in 1996 but the 34-year-old believes he is producing some of his best form ever on the track this season.

“I didn’t know how to train in my early years,” explained Staff: “There wasn’t a BMX coach years ago so you had to educate yourself and that took years of experimentation. It was very much trial and error. It is a little frustrating in some way that I was probably 28-years-old before I had a really structured training programme. My results have been a lot more consistent since then.” Continue Reading »

Double world cycling champion Shanaze Reade has one eye on the women’s 500m time trial world title this year as well as targeting the defence of her BMX crown in China a month later.

20-year-old Reade believes that she can improve on her fifth place in the 2007 Track Cycling World Championships in Palma, Mallorca and would love to have a chance at the solo title. Reade won gold in the women’s team sprint in Palma teaming up with Victoria Pendleton to beat the Dutch pairing of Yvonne Hijgenaar and Willy Kanis to clinch the gold medal.

“I never set out on my track career with a target of winning the World Championships,” said the British sprinter from Crewe: “It was always crossover training for BMX and it still is at the moment but I seem to be getting faster and faster on the track and you can shut the door on it. Sometimes I think that I should put all my eggs in one basket in BMX but last year I did both and managed win gold medals in each and it was the best year I have had in the sport so far.”

“It is so hard to qualify for both BMX and the track so I am going to carry on like I did last year and see what doors open for me,” explained Reade: “I am leaving it late for the World Track Championships again. I have only done one training session since Palma but I have produced a personal best on starts. So I am getting faster without specific track training. So now I want to concentrate more on the 500m time trial. The event is something that is special to me.”

“Winning the team sprint event in Palma was something that I never even dreamed of. I used to watch track cycling on TV when I was a kid and it was mad when I went home and watched a tape of my ride in Palma on video tape. I am working alongside Iain Dyer now. He is the best coach in the world at getting somebody to peak for one given day. I have got 110% faith in Iain. I am going into a training phase aimed at helping my BMX but I think I can also win a world track championship out of it.”

Reade finished fifth with a time of 34.633 seconds in the Palma 500m time trial in her first ever attempt in top competition and was just over two tenths of a second behind former world sprint champion Natallia Tsylinskaya from Belarus who won the bronze medal.

“I was called up in Palma to take Victoria Pendleton’s place in the 500m time trial when she had made the sprint finals and it was not something I had specifically trained for,” continued Reade: “I had never even done two laps before so I thought I would just give my best and pedal as hard as I could to the finish and I ended up fifth behind the Olympic champion and world record holder. I was so close to making the podium without training for it. I hadn’t even used the aero bars or ridden double disc wheels before so I want to get on the podium this time.”

Britain can qualify for two places in the 500m time trial and Reade will have to be going faster than either Anna Blyth or Victoria Pendleton if she wants the ride. The five-day championship event in Manchester means that Pendleton can go for four events this time including the 500m event. Pendleton holds the British record of 34.070 seconds but this is likely to be challenged by Reade this year. Both riders will have to beat current world champion Anna Meares in Manchester. Meares produced a blistering two laps to win the gold medal last year and set a new world record of 33.588.

Meares won 500m race in the Sydney round of the World Cup in November and Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez of Cuba produced a super-fast time of 33.994 to win the last round in Beijing in December.


“There are three of us going for the GB two spots. I wasn’t far off Victoria’s best time and I hold the UK record for the one lap (250m) so we will see. I am scheduled to ride in the Copenhagen World Cup in February. I will do the 500m time trial there and the team sprint as well.”

Reade hails from nearby Crewe and she is expecting some keen support from the home fans.

“My BMX club and all my family are going to get tickets for the World Championships in Manchester. The came to the World Cup event there last year it was mad seeing everyone I knew and it was my first time out on a track bike. It will be great to have their support again this year.”

The women’s team pursuit debuts at this years UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester March 26-30th and British Cycling Performance Director David Brailsford is aiming to have a team ready for the final round of the World Cup in Copenhagen in February.

“There are more events to go for in the World Championships than there are in the Olympics,” said Brailsford: “One of the new events is the women’s team pursuit and that’s really exciting. The British team are not only getting strength in depth but also strength in breadth across more disciplines than we have before.”

British world class individual pursuiters Wendy Houvenaghel and Rebecca Romero are favourites for two of the three team pursuit places but who would be in the frame for the final place?

Joanna Rowsell

“We are doing some work on that at the moment,” explained Brailsford: “We have got Lizzie Armistead, Rachel Heal and Jo Rowsell and we are doing some testing and training. We will decide the final team closer to the date.

Lizzie Armistead

“We are only taking five riders over to the Los Angeles World Cup,” continued Brailsford: “The journey back from L.A. takes the riders 5-10 days to get over and our plan was to look at the women’s team pursuit in Copenhagen in preparation for the World’s in Manchester in March. All being well we will debut in the women’s team pursuit in Copenhagen.”

The Russian team won the first ever World Cup event in Sydney in November with a time of 3.29.072 beating home team Australia into second spot. The Ukraine team, which included former double junior world champion Shulika Lyubov won the second event in Beijing in December. The Dutch team have yet to enter the competition but like Great Britain may be leaving it late with a good contingent of endurance riders to choose from including former world road and cyclo-cross champion Marianne Vos who won the scratch race in Beijing.