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20 teams for the 2009 Le Tour de Langkawi

Kuala Lumpur
– The 2009 Le Tour de Langkawi will feature 20 teams from February 9 to 15, starting in Putrajaya, the home of Malaysian government, and finishing in the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur with the traditional criterium at Dataran Merdeka.


“The selection of the teams has been the hardest ever”, said the Chief Operating Officer Datuk Naim Mohamad. “We have received almost 50 bids from different teams from all over the world. It means the 7 days race format suits more teams than before. With a more compact field, we expect an even more challenging race.” As usual, the five continents will be competing in Malaysia for Asia’s biggest stage race.

“As we are aware of the importance of the Hors-Category status of our event, we have composed a balanced field with the priority being given to most competitive teams from Europe and America”, Naim added. “Although we are geographically far from the heart of cycling in Europe, we believe in the anti-doping policy put together by the UCI, the professional teams and the race organisers. We support the initiative of the biological passport. Therefore we have selected nine teams that adhere to the biological passport program and are eligible for the Grand Tours.”

Among these nine teams, four come from the Pro Tour circuit: Garmin-Chipotle from the USA, Ag2r and Bouygues Telecom from France, as well as Fuji-Servetto from Spain. The five Pro Continental teams are Diquigiovanni (Venezuela), CSF (Ireland), Vorarlberg-Corratec (Austria), ISD (Italy) and the Swiss-based Cervélo Test Team of Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre.

“We are very happy to welcome newly born and extremely promising teams like Cervélo and ISD”, Naim continued. “Two years ago we were the first organisers to invite Slipstream to a H.C. event because we thought this team had a fantastic future and we are delighted to see them coming back as Garmin-Chipotle with the prestige of being now one of the world’s most competitive teams for the Tour de France and the big classics.”

Oceania and Africa will be represented in Malaysia by the Australian and South African national teams respectively. “Le Tour de Langkawi being organised by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF), we also believe in the good work done by some national federations in developing cycling”, Naim said. Other national teams from Asia will be: Malaysia, China, Iran and Kazakhstan while Asian continental teams will complete the line up: MCF and LeTua from Malaysia, Meitan-GDR from Japan, Seoul Cycling from Korea and the Doha Team from Qatar for which it will be a first appearance at Le Tour de Langkawi.

By mid-January, each team’s line up is expected to be known.

The 20 participating teams: Garmin-Chipotle, Ag2r, Bouygues Telecom, Fuji-Servetto, Diquigiovanni, CSF, Vorarlberg-Corratec, ISD, Cervélo, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, MCF, LeTua, Meitan-GDR, Seoul Cyling, Doha Team.

SHAH ALAM – Datuk Naim Mohamad, Chief Operating officer, Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 announces today that A record number of 30 different nationalities will form the field for Le Tour de Langkawi this year. The race will start in Alor Setar, on February 9 and will end up with the traditional criterium at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur on February 17.


According to the provisional start list of 150 riders, Malaysia will have the highest number of participants with 18, followed closely by Australia with 17, then Japan with 12, Italy with 10, France and Germany with 9 each.  The other nations with cyclists involved are New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, Iran, South Africa, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, Colombia, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, China, Mexico, Argentina, Belarus, Venezuela, Taiwan, Ireland, Great-Britain, Moldavia, Netherlands, Estonia, Belgium and the USA. Continue Reading »

Source: Jelajah Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: The continental team from Malaysia, LeTua dominates the Jelajah Malaysia (JM) 2008 after the 7-stage race ended today.

LeTua was nominated as the Best Local Team recording a time of 65 hours 4 minutes and 23 seconds. The team managed to be in the third placing behind Tabriz Petrochemical and Team Japan each in first and second position in Best Overall Team category.

As predicted, Tonton Susanto from Team LeTua firms his grip to the Red Jersey, which is the jersey desired by all riders to be nominated as Best Overall Rider.

The rider who hails from Bandung, Indonesia recorded 21 hours 32 minutes and 38 seconds leading all competing riders and also in the second place in the King of Mountain category.

“This is the first time in my career to win the best overall rider and I’m grateful to my team as their cooperation, support and teamwork ensure my win in JM.

“I will stick with Team LeTua and will strive to better LeTua’s position in the upcoming Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) next month,” quoted the 35-year old rider

Another rider from LeTua, Anuar Manan, 22, graced the podium as he maintains his hold to the Blue Jersey (Sprint King) with 29 points.

The Sprint King title won by the rider who hails from Kuala Ibai, Terengganu was the very title he had won for the second time consecutively as he won it in the previous JM.

As for the Best Local Rider Suhardi Hassan, 26, RTM Jersey was his for the second time as he had won it in the previous year.

“In JM this year I represents Team Kuala Lumpur and will be back with the National Team Malaysia for the preparation to compete in Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL). The race today also witnessed my best achievement in a cycling tour,” said the rider who will be getting married this March.

The rider who was born in Perlis is also in the fifth overall position behind Tonton, Ghader Mizbani (Tabriz Petrochemical), Frederick Johansson (Differdang-Apiflo Vacances and Hossein Askari (Tabriz Petrochemical).

Polka Dot Jersey also remains with 33-year old Hossein, as JM 2008’s King of Mountain.

In the final stage today, Yusuke Hatanaka from team Skil Shimano won the criterium round in Dataran Merdeka in 1 hour 7 minutes and 57 seconds.

President Commisaire, Zhao Jinshan made the decision that there will be no points in the sprint zone due to the rain, as the route is slippery and poses a danger to all riders.

JM 2008 which started on 7 Jan and concluded today covers a route of 1,003.8km offering an overall prize money RM245,000 up for grabs.

Source: The Star Malaysia

MUAR: Indonesian veteran Tonton Susanto, riding for Malaysian outfit LeTua, surprisingly snatched the red jersey from previous overall leader Lu Fu Yu of Trek Marco Polo even though he finished third in Stage Four of the Tour of Malaysia yesterday.

Frederick Johansson of DifferdangeApiflo won the stage from Batu Pahat to Muar, clocking 4’04:31 in the 178.8km race. Japan’s Kohei Uchima was credited with the same time for second place and Tonton was in the next pack of finishers with a time of 4’04:34.

Fu Yu, who has worn the red jersey since winning Stage One, failed to keep up with the leading peloton and was placed 12th with a time of 4’11:08.

“In today’s race, I kept a watch from the early stages on the cyclists in the leading pack and followed them closely,” said Tonton.

He added that he would be out to consolidate his position as leader in three more stages and would have to ride with caution in the mountain stage today from Gemas to Karak, covering 133.7km.

The fifth stage also has three sprint zones.

Tonton’s team-mate Anuar Manan kept the blue jersey even though he failed to pick up a point from the three sprint zones yesterday.

“I intend to continue wearing the blue jersey in the remaining three stages and tomorrow, I will be back getting points to strengthen my position as the sprint leader,” said Anuar, who won the second and third stage of the Tour.

Kuala Lumpur’s Suhardi Hassan continued to be the leading Malaysian rider in the Tour with a fifth-place finish yesterday.

He has now stretched his lead to more than four minutes over the MCF’s Amir Rusli Mustafa.

Stage 4 results
(Batu Pahat-Muar, 178.8km)

Top 10 finishers: 1. Frederick Johansson (Differdange-Apiflo) 4’04:31, 2. Kohei Uchima (Jpn), 3. Tonton Susanto (LeTua) 4’04’34, 4. Lam Kai Tsun (Hkg), 5. Suhardi Hasaan (Kul) 6. Saeditanha Abbas (Islamic Azad University), 7. Ghader Mizbani (Tabriz Petrochemical), 8. Kaushige Kuboki (Jpn), 9. Tomoya Kano (Skil Shimano), 10. Masakazu Ito (Jpn).

Leading standings

Individual (red jersey): 1. Tonton Susanto 15’21:26, 2. Ghader Mizbani 15’21:30, 3. Frederick Johansson 15’23:26, 4. Suhardi Hassan 15’23:31, 5. Saeditanha Abbas 15’23:35, 6. Masakazu Ito 15’23:40, 7. Kohei Uchima 15’26:16, 8. Li Fu Yu (Trek Marco Polo) 15’26:47, 9. Kazushige Kuboki 15’26:48, 10. Marcel Strauss (Stegcomputer-CKT) 15’26:51.

Team: 1. Japan 46’08:59, 2. Tabriz Petrochemical (Iri) 46’18:41, 3. LeTua (Mas) 46’19:48.