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Source: Jelajah Malaysia

GOHTONG JAYA: Experienced rider from Indonesia, Tonton Susanto is another step closer to be the overall winner of Jelajah Malaysia (JM) 2008 as the stage 6 from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Genting Highlands concluded early in the evening today.

Tonton, 35, who represents Team LeTua managed to be in the third position in the race today with a time difference of only 12 seconds from stage 6’s winner, Hossein Askari who ended the race in 3 hours 10 minutes and 11 seconds.

The rider from Bandung, Indonesia will not have a problem to hold on to the Red Jersey as the final stage of JM, the criterium race is predicted to in a big group. To date, overall second place is in the hands of Ghader Mizbani (Tabriz Petrochemical) with a time difference of 11 seconds from Tonton.

“JM 2008 is really special to me as it will be my first win of the Red Jersey and I’m really grateful to Team LeTua for their cooperation and superb effort.

“This win I dedicate to my wife and especially to my daughter, Nayyara Raisa Putri who will celebrate her 2nd birthday next month,” he said and added that he has high hope to race even though he is getting older.

He said that today’s race was extremely difficult and exhausting but he stick to his strategy to follow Ghader closely to the finish.

Polka Dot jersey winner (King of Mountain) Hossein Askari had the opportunity to show his prowess and dominance at the climb sector as he won stage 6 of 122.2km today.

“I managed to hold on to the Polka Dot jersey and won the race today but failed to get the Red Jersey as Tonton is really strong and the time difference at the finish line a bit too close,” he added.

As for Anuar Manan, his position (LeTua) as the Sprint King is a bit shaky as the rider of Tabriz Petrochemical, Hossein Jahabanian swept clean 15 points in all three sprint zones to an accumulated 21 points. Anuar who dons the Blue Jersey leads the pack with 29 points.

“I will make sure that no riders get to overtake me in terms of point tomorrow as I only have to win another sprint zone to ensure the Blue Jersey stays with me,” he added.

RTM Jersey is still with the rider from Kuala Lumpur, Suhardi Hassan recording a time of 21 hours and 39 minutes.

JM 2008 which will be concluded tomorrow covers a race of 1,003.8 km offering an overall prize money of RM245,000 up for grabs.

As anticipated, the fireworks did not materialise after Thursdays bloodletting when the leaderboard changed dramatically with Tonton Susanto assuming the race lead of the Jelajah Malaysia Tour. Yesterday it was a bunch sprint into Karak with Paul Griffin and David McCann showing no fatigue after the 133.7 of racing.

The big story here is the emergence of Malaysian Anuar Manan who has succeeded for the third occasion getting his wheel over the line first.

Today, the climb up Genting Highlands will certainly soften the cough of many who have aspirations of doing well. The climb will ultimately decide the outcome of the 7-day race and it is expected that Paul Griffin can at least move up the general classification listing. board.

Jelajah Malaysia Tour
Gemas – Karak, 133.7 Km
1 Anuar Manam (Malaysia) Le Tua Cycling Team,3hrs.0mins.54secs;
2 Hossein Nateghi (Iran) Tabriz Petrochemical Team, same time;
3 Cyrille Heymanns (Luxembourg) Team Differdange-Apiflo Vacances, st;
41 Paul Griffin (Ireland) Giant Asia Racing Team, st;
72 David Mc Cann (Ireland) Giant Asia Racing Team, st.

General classification after stage 5

1 Tonton Susanto (Ina) Le Tua Cycling Team,18.22.20;
2 Ghader Mizbani Iranagh (Iran) Tabriz Petrochemical Team, @4
3 Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Team Differdange-Apiflo Vacances, @2mins;
12 Griffin, @5.27
31 McCann, @8.47

Mountains classification

1 Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team, 8 pts;
2 Griffin,5;
3 Susanto, 8.

Source: Jelajah Malaysia

Karak: Rider of continental team, LeTua Anuar Manan today recorded a hattrick as the first local rider who had three wins in Jelajah Malaysia (JM) 2008 which was flagged off last Monday.

The rider from Kuala Ibai, Terengganu had achieved to rival the record of Indonesian rider, Samai Amari form Team Wismilak who had won three stages during JM 2003 which was then a 2.6 category race.

Anuar, 22, ended the 133.7km race from Gemas to Karak in 3 hours and 54 seconds had also breaks his won personal record of winning two stages in the previous JM.

“I’m really happy as I managed to break my record of winning two stages in last year’s JM. My sincere thanks to my team which has help me a lot to gain more points as early as the first sprint zone”.

“Today’s winding road didn’t stop me to be in the front group more over it was an advantage for me to win today’s race,” quoted Anuar who is still the Blue Jersey winner (sprint King) for the fifth consecutive time.

In the race today, Anuar managed to add another 10 points at the sprint zone in Pasir Besar and Bahau to an accumulative 29 points. Anuar puts Suhardi Hassan in the second place with only 15 points,

All jerseys in competition have not changed hands as Red Jersey (Overall Best Rider) still with Tonton Susanto from Team LeTua, RTM Jersey (Best Local Rider) don by Suhardi Hassan (Kuala Lumpur) while Polka Dot Jersey (King of Mountain) still the property of Hossein Askari (Tabriz Petrochemical).

Tonton who holds the Red Jersey for the second time around said that in the first km towards the finishing line, the group of riders in front of had involved in a collision but luckily he managed to swerve away from the incident.

Hossein who didn’t managed to get any points in the climb zone at Mancis today said tomorrow’s race will be the most important stage to him and his team.

“Tomorrow will be our turn to be on the podium. We are looking forward to win the sixth stage tomorrow and if possible we get to hold on to the Polka Dot Jersey. Hopefully in tomorrow’s stage will be a good one for Team Tabriz,” he said.

JM 2008 which will be concluded this Sunday covers a race route of 1,003.8km and offers an overall prize of RM245,000 to all 21 teams up for grabs.

Source: Jelajah Malaysia

Karak: Jelajah Malaysia (JM) 2008 cycling championship, which is classified as a 2.2 category race by (UCI) close to achieve its target to be the best race in its category.

“First we have to wait for JM’s post mortem from all side including the media. What I can say is JM is already half way approaching its target to be best 2.2 race.

“There are quite a number of them who confuse JM with Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL). We are not in any way competing with any parties, JM’s target is only to be the best 2.2 race not only in Asia but all over the world,” quoted JM 2008’s Executive Chairman who is also the owner of Ten Speed Events Sdn Bhd, Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz.

Ten Speed Events Sdn Bhd which is organizing JM for the second year had signed a contract with Malaysia National Cycling Federation (PKBM) to organize the oldest cycling event in Malaysia for three consecutive editions.

He said that through feedback and participation of teams have proven that a lot of teams have heard of JM and looking forward to participate in the race.

“It’s a common knowledge that 39 teams wanted to participate in JM this time around but we had to limit to only 21 teams to ensure the quality of the teams and balance local and international teams participation,” he quoted.

Astaman said that he is satisfied with the crowd attending the race along the route and also at the start and finishing line as the race has received a wide coverage from the media.

Cat and mouse tactics on the face of it look to be on the menu as the standings after day three of the Jelajah Malaysia Tour remain static as far as the leaders in the overall classifications are concerned! And, this suits Paul Griffin the Kerryman who spends 90% of his time racing on the Asian Continent.

Paul retains his fourth placing on general classification eight seconds adrift of race leader Li Fuyu the 30-year-old Chinese who is growing in confidence that he’ll come up trumps on Sunday in Kuala Lumpur.
‘Tactically, it looks as though the big hitters are keeping their powder dry for Saturdays’ stage up to Genting Highlands, 6000 above sea level. I have ridden up the steep gradient on a number of occasions and as far as I am concerned, I’ll give it wellie,’ said Paul.

Whilst Li Fuyu may getting all the plaudits as race leader, Anuar Manan is certainly the locals a lot to shout about. He is revelling in the conditions and the fact that he has repeated last year’s feat of two wins in the corresponding event is blstering his future aspirations as a participant in the 13th edition of Le Tour de Langkawi which starts next month.

Seemingly, the race leader is bolstering Manan confidence with gloing within and outside the peloton. He speaks particularly well of his team Le Tua who can’t be left out of the equation whe it comes to doing all the necessities of a team leader when in Manan’s case that of sprinting.

Evidently, Manan’s first aim in the first sprint of the day is to get his name on the bulletin and through the efforts of his team this is competed in a fashionable way. Naturally afte the sprint the peloton settles down to a routine, providing the leading contenders don’t rock the boat by galloping up the highway, thus leaving the peloton grovelling for shelter and splintering the stage passage.

Thankfully yesterday when the necessities of points in the bag, a fairly sizeable break seized the initiative to plough ahead. All told there was 16 riders ahead according to race radio: Thys Poelstra and René Ahrenkiel (Farso), Shahrul Mat Ami and Rauf Nor Misbah (Malaysia National Team), Hayoto Yoshida and Kohei Uchima (Japan National Team), Edi Purnomo (Indonesia Customs) and Suhardi Hassan (Kuala Lumpur), Tomoya Kano and Yoshinori Iino (Skil-Shimano), Herwin Jaya (Polygon Sweet Nice), Naoki Mukaigawa and Masaki Wakumoto (Matrix-Powertag), Hossein Askari and Hossein Nateghi (Tabriz), Akmal Amrun (Malaysia Continental Team).

Unfortunately for the lead group, Askari scuppered their aspirations as he was deemed to be a threat to the bone and withing kilometers their fate was sealed when they were tracked down.

Hardly had the dust settled with the peloton intact again! With seven originally making a forward move which included; Doi (Skil-Shimano), Takamitsu Tsuji and Mitsushiro Matsumura (Matrix-Powertag), Hossein Jahabanian (Tabriz), Faris Abd Razak (Malaysia national team), Maloto Iijima (Japan National Team) and Maruli Fajar Mulia (Indonesia Customs).
A brave effort by Salehian Farshad (Azad) and Patria Rastra (Benteng Muda Selangor) proved worthwhile when they tagged on to the leaders who now had built a commanding lead of three minutes plus after 124kms of racing.

But, it was noticeable that Trek Marco-Polo the race leaders outfit plus the Le Tua team on behalf of their sprinter ignited the pace, ending the charge of all and sundry before the finish in Batu Pahat.

As on Tuesday the points jersey of Manan burst through to take the win, preserving his lead in the points competition and the bonus for Fuyu was he still is on the throne as the event rolls on.

Stage 3/ Bandar Hilir – Batu Pahat, 163.8 Km

1 Anuar Manam (Malaysia) Le Tua Cycling Team,3hrs.55mins.35secs;
2 Hossein Nateghi (Iran) Tabriz Petrochemical Team, same time;
3 Sergey Kudentsov (Russia) Trek Marco Polo Team, st;
15 Fuyu Li (China) Trek Marco Polo Team, st;
35 David Mc Cann (Irl) Giant Asia Racing Team, st;
48 Paul Griffin (Irl) Giant Asia Racing Team, st.

General classification after stage 3

1 Fuyu Li (China) Trek Marco Polo Team,11.15.39;
2 Marcel Strauss (Switzerland) Team Stegcomputer – CKT – Cogeas, @4secs;
3 Jacob Nielsen (Denmark) Team Farso, @6;
4 Griffin, @8
26 McCann,@3.26.

Points classification

10 Griffin.

Mountains classification

1 Hossein Askari (IRI) Tabriz Petrochemical Team, 8 pts;
2 Paul Griffin (Irl) Giant Asia Racing Team,5;
3 Tonton Susanto (Ina) Le Tua Cycling Team,3.

Positions on the leaderboardafter day two of the Jelajah Malaysia Tour are delicately poised with seconds only, separating the top six on general Classification of the seven day tour which is due to finish up in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

In the mix is none other than Kerryman man Paul Griffin eight seconds adrift of the race leader of Li Fuyu from China and representing the Marco Polo outfit. Li gained a lot of experience last season when as a member of the all conquering Discovery Channel Team. It, looks as though after two days of competition in this event that he is showing the qualities of sound leadership as was clearly in evidence yesterday on the stage from Seremban to Malacca.

Not to be outdone, Paul is also drawing on his vast experience of racing on the Asian Continent with the Giant Asia Team. Also he has a bonus with David McCann rejoining the team after a stint in the USA.

As is the custom and practice in most ‘Tours’ it was a fast start yesterday and just just played into the hands of the leaders who were able to summon members of their respective teams to keep the pace up which negated any breakaway attempts in the early stage of the 137kms of action to Malacca.

Eventually the elastic snapped when a five competitors opened up a significant gap on the main bunch. In the quintet was, Ken Onodera (Trek-Marco Polo), Mehdi Sohrabi (Azad), Makoto Iijima (Japan National Team). As the race pace heated up, Maruli Fajar Mulia (Indonesia Customs) and Taufik Mohamad (Benteng Muda Selangor) made the junction to the lead group. Not to be left in limbo after a long and hectic chase, Budi Santoso and Herwin Jaya (Polygon Sweet Nice), Hannes Blank (Differdange-Apiflo), Rauf Nor Misbah (Malaysia National Team) and Putro Bayu Sartrios (Benteng Muda Selangor) made contact, swelling the break to 13. It was a repeat of the the opening stage of the event when similiarly 13 were ahead, but unfortunately they would have no rich pickings from the top table in relation to the overall standings.

Trek-Marco Polo the team of the overall leader Li, felt obligated to claw back the leaders as within the 13 were two who were only one minute seventeen seconds off the lead. Their chase paid off as Iijima survived until the last 3kms before he was reeled back in to the main pack.

With all the counter attacks which kept the speed very much to the fore it came to a sprint finish in the sea port of Malacca with a stiff breeze coming in off the China sea. The rising star from Malaysia Anuar Manam led the way with Sergy Kudenmtsov of Russia and Kochei Uchima the Japanese who is very popular with the Malays second and third respectively.
‘It was a cat and mouse effort all day. Along with my team including David McCann it was a watching brief that the principals were in the pack,’ said Paul as he headed for his base at the Equatorial Hotel.

Stage Two/Seremban – Melaka, 136.2 Kms.
1 Anuar Manam (Malaysia) Le Tua Cycling Team, 3hrs.07mins.55secs;
2 Sergey Kudentsov (Russia) Trek Marco Polo Team, same time;
3 Kohei Uchima (Japan) Japan National Team, st;
56 Paul Griffin (Ireland) Giant Asia Racing Team, st;
85 David McCann (Ireland) Giant Asia Team, st.

General classification after stage 2

1 Fuyu Li (China) Trek Marco Polo Team,7.20.04
2 Marcel Strauss (Switzerland) Team Stegcomputer – CKT – Cogeas, @4secs;
3 Jacob Nielsen (Denmark) Team Farso,@6;
4 Griffin, @8;
23 McCann, @3.26.

Points classification

8 Griffin.

Mountains classification

1 Hossein Askari (Iran) Tabriz Petrochemical Team,8 pts;
2 Paul Griffin, 5;
3 Tonton Susanto (Hong Kong) Le Tua Cycling Team, 3.

Paul Griffin returned to Malaysia last weekend after a brief break for Christmas in his home town of Tralee, Co. Kerry.

He was one of two Irishmen that are in the line up for the seven day event Jelajah Malaysia. David McCann from Belfast is his team mate on the Giant Asia Team and both have competed in the last number of of years in Le Tour de Langkawi which starts next month in Alo Setar.

Incidentally, similiar to last season, Paul started racing in January and finished up the week before Christmas (2007) in the Tour of Thailand.

Now he is back on the campaign trail where it began twelve months ago.

And, again he is showing that indeed with proper management of training and rest that he can compete at the higest level.

Yesterday was one of those days when the ‘Kingdom’ competitor was in the action after one third of the race stage of 176kms had been negoiated. Naturally with the exception of Team Matrix-Powertag from Japan all the possible conters were up front and dictating the pace. The group powered along at a rate of knots which brought their advantage up to over four minutes before the alarm bells rang in the peloton. Then a conserted effort by the Japanese team started making inroads into the lead group.

Advantage gained by a break is not easily surrendered and the lead of the 13 man group started to shed competitors in the last 30ks of racing. From, behind, the counter attacks were coming fast and furious but the leaders stuck to their task and Griffin was doing his level best to cojoled the leaders in sticking to the task that lay ahead. ‘I had visions of breaking the mould which would give us a cushion for the next six days, providing we kept the manoeuvre and the tempo at a hig rate of knots,’ said Paul.

The defining moment in the lead group came in the last 15kms of racing when a six of the original thirteen went ahead to contest the finish in Port Dickson alongside the Malacca Straits. (Not that they were in any mood to view the panoramic view of the blus sea.

In the end the advantage of having raced and competed with the Discovery Channel team last season bore all the hallmarks for Li Fuyu from china and representing the Marco polo Team based out of Hong Kong to show a clean pair of wheels to the quintet who lacked the acceleration that Fuyu showed in rgistering a stage win.

”It was a great day’s racing for me. Just back from home after the Christmas, it was important that I got back into the routine. Malaysia has always been good to me . last season I would reckon was one of the best for both Giant Asia and myself. Wiining the team prize in Le Tour de Langkawi was a bonus. As I said to you last year in Fraser Hill after Charteau from the the Credit Agricole stamped his authority, the season is only beginning,’ said Paul.

Stage 1- Jelajah Malaysia – Putrajaya – Port Dickson, 176.5 Km

1 Fuyu Li (China) Trek Marco Polo Team,4hrs.12mins.19secs;
2 Marcel Strauss (Switzerland) Team Stegcomputer – CKT – Cogeas, same time;
3 Jacob Nielsen (Denmark) Team Farso, st;
4 Paul Griffin (Ireland) Giant Asia Racing Team, st;
5 David McCann (Ireland) Giant Asia Team, @3.17.