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Well for me it is “Ras Mumhan” and the FBD Insurance Ras.

Thankfully, both events are listed for this season ahead.

The events are institutions in their own right. Naturally it depnds in which part of the country you are standing in! It would be a brave soul not to list both races in the same breadth and believe it or not both have stood the test of time. Not many events in this fair Isle can reminisce about their longevity, but no matter where you go or engage in chit chat, invariably cycling in Munster will inch into  the conversation as will the FBD Ras. Continue Reading »

Today’s race started off early at 8:55am and ends early before 12pm to accommodate our muslim friends, they have friday prayer in the afternoon.

At about 1pm, after the race, me, Marcus, Sharon and TJ went for some Japanese food nearby. We had some really nice Salmon belly. Check it out…


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Article and Pictures by John Pierce, PhotoSport International

The problem with race radio tour, is for the team cars to get information there really needs to be a plane in the sky with a signal relay, beamed up and then back down over a large area.


That costs a fortune.

The alternative is to devise a route and a roster that will almost guarantee a bunch finish. Continue Reading »

Yesterday we had our lunch at Melacca, today we stopped by a junction near Kota Tinggi for some really famous lamb soup. According to Marcus, you can’t find such stuff in Kuala Lumpur, so I just gave it a shot.

Gearbox sup kambing
The map to Restoran Seri Selera Norliah Continue Reading »

Today is just me and Marcus dropped by Melacca for lunch during our trip from Port Dickson to Batu Pahat. We stopped by this shop, “Restoran sup lembu Tangkak”for beef noodles, check out the pictures here: Continue Reading »

About 2 years ago, one of the most shocking news in the world of sports was during the Soccer World Cup 2006 final match between France and Italy. French captain Zidane headbutts Italian defender Materazzi in extra time and eventually France lose 5-3 in the following penalty shootout.

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Murata Boy, a cycling robot, measuring 50cm tall and weighing about 5kg, can ride a bicycle and balance itself on the two-wheeler.

Murata Boy

The electronic invention was created by Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

According to Murata Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd managing director Osamu Onishi, the robot is able to stabilise itself using a rotating disc built into its body. Continue Reading »