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It has to be said there was an obvious absence of bicycles on the road over the festive period. At least our motoring friends cannot say that the cyclists were all over the road. Hopefully our motoring friends with the sight of snow and ice will realise that they have to conduct themselves as responsible drivers and realise that the horsepower they have beneath them should be treated with the utmost respect.

And where is first port of call on the year ahead ahead?

St. Anne’s Park in Raheny provides the sparlke in our eyes this weekend with the Cyclo Cross Championship in pole position. And, just in case the avis reader only goes beyond the first paragraph! Weather conditions will dictatre on the day, sp please keep your eyes browsed on for updates re the championships, this is only a precautionary warning, but as of now the course is okay but between now and Sunday it could go one way or the other and like ourt four legged friends, racing at Punchestown is very doubtful over the weekend. So, please keep on eye on the favourite website thast keeps you posted on domestic matters and the odd international flavour tips in now and again. Continue Reading »