Future Stars

Good news for all aspiring competitors in the the junior and under 23 bracket for the year ahead. The foundation for the future of our stars was laid last year. Now the block building begins at these two levels this weekend in Charleville, Co. Cork.Thankfully there has been an unprecendented level of interest for the course over the weekend and no one will be turned away. Dan Curtin from Kanturk is the man behind the development programme and is looking forward to the new season.

In its first year the ‘Development Program’ exposed many Junior and Under 23 riders to top level domestic racing in a team environment. Some collected stage wins in various stage races nationwide but more importantly all went away with vital experience gained which they would not have been exposed to if competing individually or even not at all. The National Development program will continue for 2010. A training camp for any Junior and Under 23 riders.
In these hard times, Dan through his negociating skills got a fantasti deal with the 4 star Charleville Park Hotel of €50 for 2 nights B&B plus 2 evening meals. The weekend will be aimed towards selecting the panels for both squads for the 2010 season.
One of the main items on the agenda will be that Ireland.inc does not miss the boat when it comes to representation at world level.
Last September at the World Cycling Championships in Mendriso, Switzerland it was noticeable that that no under-23’s were on the start line. They did not contest the requisite number of events to get ranking points and thus were marked absent. Nobody in authority has shed light for  the real reason for not making the grid. In my opinion it is a book passing mechanism within the cycling organisation.

To make matters worse this particular season, we had riches in abundance in the under-23’s with the likes of Sam Bennett, Sean Downey and Philip Lavery. And who knows what grants will be awarded for competition, so maybe with the ‘worlds’ in Melbourne we will marked absent again.
In the junior section we had our best competitors for the Martin Donnelly Junior Tour also maked absent.
Dan Curtin who’ll conduct the course is eager that there are no slip ups for the coming season.

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