Toshiba back in the saddle with Cycling Australia

SYDNEY October 2008 – Cycling Australia is pleased to announce the renewal of our sponsorship agreement withToshiba (Australia) Information Systems Division (ISD) .

The partnership will see a continuation of Team Toshiba, the Australian professional track cycling team launched in 2007, and sponsorship of ‘The Cyclones’ – the National Team. Toshiba’s sponsorship provides the opportunity for more of Australia’s talented track stars to compete in world class events.

The 2008-09 Team Toshiba will debut at the Melbourne round of the UCI World Cup Classics being staged from November 20 to 22. More than 200 riders from around the world are expected to line up for this round of the Series. ‘The Cyclones’, as well as contesting the World Cup Classics, will also compete at the World Championships in March 2009 in Pruszkow, Poland.

“Australian cycling has never been so strong with an abundance of talent across the nation so we’re delighted to be back in the saddle with Cycling Australia,” said Mark Whittard, General Manager, Toshiba Information Systems Division. “The relationship is a great fit as Toshiba is passionate about leading the pack using speed, power and performance and crossing the finishing line in style.

“As a company, we’re very proud to carry on giving Australian cycling a flying start by investing in the stars of today and tomorrow.”

“Toshiba’s support over the past year has been crucial to the development of our young, talented cyclists with members of Team Toshiba being selected to represent Australia at the highest level of international competition over the past year,” said Graham Fredericks, Chief Executive Officer of Cycling Australia. “We are confident the continued support of Toshiba will help our cyclists continue to achieve success at world level.”

The Team Toshiba lineup for the coming season includes current team members Anna Meares, Dan Ellils, Scott Sunderland and Zakkari Dempster who will be joined by Kaarle McCulloch, Jason Niblett, Leigh Howard, Glenn O’Shea and Belinda Goss.

“Toshiba has been a fantastic supporter of the team and of me personally over the past year and I am really excited they are staying on board with us,” said Meares. “Some fresh new talent is joining the roster of experienced performers and I look forward to us posting some great performances during the season.”


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