Armstrong,Landis and maybe Ullrich back for 2009

Le’ts call them the three amigos of cycling fame!

Earlier this week we had the announcement that seven times winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong will return to the peloton in 2009.

Fresh on his wheel came the news that disgraced Floyd Landis, winner of the tour in 2006 is also making a return!

Jan Ullrich a winner of the tour in 1997, whilst avoiding the press is thought to be also making a return!
Admittedly Ullrich and Landis have age on their side, but Mr. Armstrong at 38-years of age will be pushing the boundaries.

Of the trio, only Landis had his title taken away because of a doping offence in the tour of ’06.

But that is not stopping Floyd from making a return when his two year suspension ends early next year.

Of the trio, Landis is far advaced in a planned return for a team currently called Health Net-Maxxis which is run by Momentum Sports Group.

“We are in negotiations with Floyd Landis to ride for the team in 2009,” said team director Mike Tamayo at the Tour of Missouri in the USA this week, where incidentally Mark Cavendish and Michael Barry are competing. Both were in the recent Tour of Ireland supported by Failte Ireland. Also both have won stages, so the form continues unabated paricularly for the Cavendish. “The Manx Turbo-Express.”

Sources have indicated the new sponsor is from the health care industry. There is a distinct possibility that Smith & Nephew, makers of Landis’ artificial hip and sponsor of his mountain bike endurance racing will make up the jig-saw and end the speculation.

Of course! Today, Landis denies all charges of doping. He lost his final appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in June  of this year, but CAS did uphold that his suspension should run from when he officially stated his voluntary non-compete status – meaning that Landis will be free to race again as of January 30, 2009.

Of course will the Tour de France organisation admit them? That’s the $64,000 question?
My belief is NO because of their baggage!


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