An expert in the field, Professor José Luis Algarra is directing the current UCI course. This former cyclist has a vast experience in coaching. During his career so far he has been responsible for the physical preparation of the Spanish Olympic team and a professional team, coach for the national Spanish squad as well as numerous professional cyclists and Director of the Spanish Cycling Federation’s National Coaching School. He is the author of numerous books and papers treating all aspects of cycling.

Also lending his expertise during the course is physiology expert Dr José Antonio De Paz, who works with Professor Algarra in the preparation of a Portuguese professional team, Paredes-Rota Dos Moveis.

The Master Coach course is just one of numerous courses for coaches and athletes that are organized by the International Cycling Union’s Training Department.

Thirteen South American cycling coaches are currently on an advanced training course (Master Coach) at the World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland.

The course, for Spanish-speaking coaches lasts from 25th August until 24th September. The participants represent 10 different South American countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru) and include coaches specializing in road, track, mountain bike and BMX.

The UCI Master Coach course is for coaches who have advanced levels of experience in the field of athlete coaching and race preparation. These coaches have already reached the highest possible level in their own countries.

Theory and practical sessions are included in the training course. It deals with coaching techniques and studies in greater depth the subjects touched on in the UCI courses for beginners, at level 1 and at level 2.


  1. Efrem

    this is Efrem from Eritrea, i love cycling realy to say cycling is part of my life ,i wender to be proffesional road cyclist like Admstrong but it couldt happen be couse of my disability ( right hand paralisis ) but i can read the raicing situation in my country & tour de france, so at this time i aske you to help me , i want to be proffecional cycling coach so can you help me to make my dream real ?

    your poor cycling adict Efrem .

  2. Being a cycling proffesional is not a dream any more, there have been number of example of cyclers who have made it very high in this proffession. the famous cycle coach Dan Bennett is also a another limelighted name in this proffesion.

    so if anybody finding it difficult to be a good cycle coach, progressive cycle coaching is there to help them.

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