Kerry Youth Tour 2008

Preliminary details of the 2008 Kerry Youth Tour were announced in Killorglin on Today.  The race, which is the largest of its kind in Ireland or Great Britain, is now in its tenth year and continues to grow.  The Kerry Youth Tour is a major item in the calendar for all Irish and British youth riders.  It is also a major money-spinner for the Mid-Kerry area generating as it does approx 2500 bed nights and the consequent spending in the area.

Kerry Group will be the title sponsor of the race again in 2008. 

Race Director Kieran Doherty remarked, “The support of Kerry Group for the Youth Tour is the cornerstone for the continued development of the race”.
Frank Hayes, Director of Corporate Affairs, Kerry Group said: “Kerry Group is delighted to sponsor the Kerry Youth Tour 2008.  Sport should be an integral part of every young person’s development and events such as the Kerry Youth Tour, which encourage and nurture participation in sport, are of immense importance.  Much credit must go to the event organisers who invest their time, effort and care in ensuring the Tour remains a most successful event year on year.  The opportunity for young Irish cyclists to test themselves against a strong international contingent in a professionally managed stage race such as the Youth Tour is of huge benefit both in experience and confidence terms.  I have no doubt but that this year’s tour will be a memorable one – both from a competitor and spectator point of view”.
” Kerry Group is delighted to be associated with a community-based project which also has a huge international profile. Additionally, the fact that it is a youth-based event fits very well with Kerry’s core values and ethos” Frank Hayes added

The event will follow the four-stage formula, which has proved a success previously. As in previous years, there will be three categories of racing on each stage.

Category 1 and 1a for boys born in 1992 and 1993 respectively.
Category 2 and 2a for boys born in 1994 and 1995 respectively.
Category 3 and 3a for boys born in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

Girls race alongside the boys but the age categories are reduced by two years.

As usual, the race will attract the cream of young Irish cyclists to compete with a huge contention from England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. This year there will also be a contingent coming from Malta. There are two Belgian Teams entered. In the Category 1 event, local charges will be led by Cian Corcoran. The Welsh Cycling Union team will probably concentrate on the Category 3 and Category 2 events where they have been very strong in the past number of years. The English, Scottish and Isle of Man riders will be using the event to get in some racing on the road. Race Secretary Míceal Concannon predicts, “The entry for 2008 will at least equal the entry of 2007. The Kerry Youth tour is unique opportunity in Britain and Ireland for youth riders to experience the thrill of big bunch riding”.

The race will use the now traditional routes of previous races.  On Saturday 2nd August racing will start in Beaufort at 2:30 p.m.  The race will use the circuit from the village to Curchtown X and then back to the village via Carunahone X and the Green Road.  Racing will finish at 5:30 approx.  Neilie Doherty and John Doyle are stage organisers for the Beaufort stage.  On Sunday morning 3rd  of August the riders face a 1.8 mile time trial that will start at Tulig Cross on the Cromane Road near Flynn’s funeral home. Ciaran Corcoran will organise the time trial.  The riders will depart at one-minute intervals and racing will finish at 12:30 approx.

The Sunday afternoon stage will be ran on the Barry’s X course.  Riders will start at Mountain View in Killorglin and then via Glenagillagh X to Barry’s X to Owenagarry X and back to the start via Ardmoniel.  Morgan and Brendan O Sullivan will coordinate the affairs on this stage.  The final stage on Monday 4th of August is the classic Donal McKenna course around Killorglin, Ardmoniel and the Annadale Road.  Dan Aherne will look after matters on this circuit.  This is a fitting end to the race with the Category 1 riders coming up the hill 10 times to finish their weekend of racing.

Safe racing operates with the goodwill of other road users.  Race Director Kieran Doherty ‘the goodwill of motorists is one of the key elements in the promotion of this race.  The other essential players are the Killarney and Killorglin Gardai who are fantastic with the assistance they give us.  The Roads Dept of Kerry County Council under Area Engineer Brian Hickey could not be more helpful’.

For most of the stages a one-way traffic flow operates with alternative routes and diversions clearly signposted.  Just over 200 young people ranging from 11 to 16 years of age will take part in the race.  The main race for the oldest riders will attract a field of almost 100 riders.

The sight of 100 riders racing on narrow country roads, the wind from the wheels and the flash of colour that is a racing peleton in full flight is truly a spectacular experience.  If you doubt it come out and see the new Sean Kelly’s in Killorglin and Beaufort on Saturday 2nd , Sunday 3rd  and Monday 4th  of August.

Full details of the race are available on .

For further information please contact:
Kieran Doherty, Race Director


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