2008 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Manchester: final statistics

Figures recently published by the International Cycling Union on the 2008 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, held in Manchester, Great Britain, from 26-30 March, show that these Championships were once again a great success.

The five days of competition at the Manchester velodrome attracted some 17,000 spectators. This figure is comparable with the spectator numbers for the 2007 Championships in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

With respect to the television audience, the coverage was watched by over 157 million people. French TV alone attracted 57 million viewers. This is a growth of 1.7% compared to last year Worlds (+ 11% compared to French TV 2007 figures).

Participation in the Championships increased slightly this year. In total, 292 athletes (205 men and 87 women) representing 37 countries from 4 continents, took part in the Championships (18 countries from Europe, 9 from America, 8 from Asia and 2 from Oceania).

In terms of results, Great Britain was the most successful team of the Championships, winning 11 of the 54 medals available (9 gold, 2 silver). Great Britain’s performance is all the more impressive when it is considered that this country won half of the world titles at stake. Following Great Britain in the medal table were the Netherlands (8 medals: 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze) and Belarus (3 medals: 2 gold and 1 silver). Sixteen nations won at least one medal.

The 2008 UCI Track Cycling World Championships marked the introduction of a new discipline: the Women’s Team Pursuit. This new event means that there are now 18 world titles to compete for.

The BBC provided TV coverage; the BBC is recognised as an expert in the field. TV channels from a wide range of countries (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) broadcast over 171 hours of coverage. This is the best coverage that we have had over the last four years. Eurosport (Europe and Asia) also provided TV coverage of the Championships.

The World Championships were attended by 326 accredited media representatives.

The total number of accredited people at the event rose to 1,422. Requests for accreditation from National Federations rose by 9%.

The 2008 edition of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships can thus be considered a success in sporting terms as well as in terms of organisation, spectator numbers and media coverage (including TV).

The next UCI Track Cycling World Championships will take place from 25-29 March 2009 in Pruskow, Poland


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