David O’Loughlin’s long awaited information as regards qualification for the Beijing Olympics

David O’Loughlin’s long awaited information as regards qualification for the Beijing Olympics next August suffered a set back yesterday with news  from the Union Cycliste Internationale in Switzerland that he has failed to make the cut. Only five places have been accepted by the UCI which leaves David in sixth place off the ladder against automatic selection.

Obviously, the system which the UCI use in grading is a complex matter which in my opinion would be better suited to a mathematical genius, but it goes without saying that the complexity of the matter is all above board.

Twelve days ago the Mayo cyclist finished sixth in the four kilometres individual pursuit

World Track Championships held in Manchester.

Not only did David finish in sixth place but he smashed his own record for the distance by over four seconds against the cream of the crop at the discipline in the Velodrome.

The Pezula competitor who only took to the boards eighteen months ago can feel justifiably proud of his achievement in making it into the top six in the world.

Also, he has achieved world wide recognition at the discipline after participating in three of the four World Cup Series this season.

In hindsight in all probability he now regrets not making the journey to Australia where the first event was held last December (2007).

He achieved ranking points in Beijing, Los Angeles and Copenhagen. David certainly put himself in the picture after finishing fourth and missing out on a podium place in the Danish capital.

Considering that Ireland has no Velodrome, this effort by O’Loughlin who has to go abroad to train is of major significance and this is where his sponsor the Galway based company have come into their own.

It also will not hide the disappointment for O’Loughlin who until twelve days ago was regarded as a top class road man but also a ‘trackie.’

Four years ago he won the Road Race Championship of Ireland and like many a winner of a national title thought he was an automatic choice for Sydney only for the blazer brigade to pass him over.

So, now in the space of four years, the race against the clock in the Velodrome has shunted him out of the way also.

But there is still a glimmer of hope!

If for some unknown reason somebody drops out, then the reality is O’Loughlin with his sixth ranking would go to China!


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