Cycling’s world governing body heralds the Manchester world championships as the best ever.

The Union Cycliste Internationale has been delighted with last week’s World Track Championships held in Manchester 26th – 30th March. The five day event saw Great Britain win nine gold medals and set two world records. The crowds filled the Velodrome in SportCity with the final four nights completely sold out.

“I can safely say that this was the best World Championships that the UCI has ever had,” said UCI President Pat McQuaid: “In looking at that you bring many factors into consideration. Firstly there is the huge support from the public which has been here right from the very beginning. Even the afternoon sessions have been full and the public have been both enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. Secondly the performances of the athletes have been outstanding and the Great Britain team stands out above the rest with the number of medals that they won. Thirdly the media coverage has been fantastic. We have had a huge media presence at the event and of course we have had live TV from the BBC. The press coverage has been huge and a picture from the championships even made it on to the front page of the Sunday Times. All these things added together make this the best World Championships we have ever had.”

“This bodes well for future events in Manchester too,” McQuaid continued: “It’s only natural that the cycling federations and the athletes want to come to venues where they are appreciated and where the public appreciate what they do.”

Gerry McManus


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