Taipei Cycle Show 2008

Pictures by Greg Chang, PhotoSport International.

Taiwan’s bicycle industry is export oriented and holds an important position in the world market. It has developed from a traditional manufacturer to one dedicated to providing added functions and added value. The development of brand has allowed Taiwan’s bicycle industry appear as one of the leaders in the world market. Currently Giant and Mirada boast a global ranking of 7th and 19th respectively.

Taipei Cycle Show 2008

Taipei Cycle Show is one of the most most famous cycle show in the world, with regular participants of internationally renowned brands like GIANT, MERIDA, KENDA, MAXXIS, SHIMANO, SRAM, TOPEAK and Campagnolo. This year, the show is held at TTaipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall and the show is organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association (TBEA). There were a total of 2,840 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors throughout the 4 days event.

Taipei Cycle Show 2008 opening

There were hunks and chicks modeling at various booths of course:

Taipei Cycle Show 2008 model
Carvelo booth

Taipei Cycle Show 2008 Healthnet Maxxis
Team Healthnet at Maxxis booth

Here are some of the really cool products that were showcased:

Foss “nail proof” inner tube

Foss “nail proof” inner tube
– They say tubes are consumable goods for cyclist, especially for cyclist who rides on poor conditioned roads like me. I have to change my tubes at least once every 3 months (that’s also I hardly cycle).

Foss came out with an environmental friendly inner tube for cyclist, check this out:

nail proof inner tube
Foss showcase: Trying to put a nail through the inner tube

nail proof inner tube
How about this?

Topeak Jango – Topeak unveiled a line of “multi-activity bicycles” called Jango. The bikes have tightly integrated accessories that can be swapped out with little more than a flick of the wrist. The Jango line is aimed at everyday riders such as commuters and city users.


Topeak calls them “Easy Bikers,” or “people who want to simply enjoy the bike with no complications.”Cables as well as electronic connectors are mostly hidden inside the frame. Borrowing from consumer electronics, the Jango line offer several “plug and play” ports on the bike where riders can swap out accessories.For example, the port on the seat post can house a taillight (one that automatically turns on at dusk), or swapped out for a beam rack. The light can then be reattached to a port on the rear of the rack. Another port at the dropouts can accommodate a rear fender, a sturdier rack or even a camping trailer.

Other happenings include:

Echowell waterproof
Echowell dip their waterproof Bicycle Racing Interface into the aquarium.

bluetooth loudspeaker
Get some public attention while you cycle by broadcasting music from your pda/smartphone through a bluetooth loudspeaker.

Fancy plastic pedals
Other than loud music, you can increase your attention by having fancy plastic pedals

See you next year !


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