Declarations have been made for all three stage events this Easter!

Unfortunately the Easter time may have come that bit sooner for the majority of the cyclists.

Normally heretofore, they would have had the advantage of at least four to five weekends of racing in their legs. Not so this Easter, but at least they can tell their kin that racing took place over this period.

Maybe in time, the table quizzes that are held on a regular basis to fund raise for various charities will have a question for the participants! “Name the winners’ of the ‘Pauline Sugrue Auctioneer Ras Mumhan/Bertoni Gorey Three-Day/PO Tour of the North’ who raced at Easter when on the previous Monday, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated?

I would say that would be a six marker at least? And, none better to direct the question at the ‘Memorary Man’ Jimmy Magee.

Their fitness could be called into play and that cutting edge may desert them over their respective stage events.
Hopefully ‘Mother Nature’ smiles on the competitors who will be in action in three of the four Provinces, Munster. Leinster and Ulster. Easter tends to be cold and breezy with the winds coming in off the Atlantic Ocean and sweeping over this Isle of ours.

Anyhow believe it or not, these cyclists who’ll be in action don’t pamper to the elements. They just get on their bikes and race.

Not for the first time and it will not be the last that the Bertoni Gorey Three-Day has the distinction of assembling a record turnout of 186.

Included in that line up are three ladies team which goes to show you that the Ladies despite not been grant aided for elite ladies’ are still knuckling down and doing their talking on the bike.

Three women’s teams have entered the fray! Leinster are entering a team – for the first time in several years, Orwell Wheelers have put together a challenge team, and there is an Isle of Man team travelling over to race also! From the Women’s Commission’s point of view it is very exciting to see so many girls racing.

He’s been in from the start, back in 1966, and he’s still around calling the pipers tune, Sam Darcy. As we all know he’s a larger than life character and as always he enthuses about the sport and particularly the Gorey. Today he is fortunate that the A team are helping to steer this magnificent event which caters for all bar the head honchos of cycling. The roll call of winners is very impressive and none more so that Mark Scanlon who went on to win a world junior championship on the road in Valkenburgh, Holland. To think that it is almost ten years that the Sligo cyclist lit up the world of Irish cycling after the heroes of the ‘Road’ Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche had laid their steeds of the road in solitude and peace.

One thing is guaranteed that the name of the winner this year will feature in the various media sections for many years to come!


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