Ciaran Power from Waterford and David O’Loughlin from Cong were team mates for many years with the American outfit, Navigators Insurance.

Last Autumn both decided that it was time to return home from the USA.

Around the same time, an uncle of David, Declan O’Loughlin’s firm Pezula, decided to sponsor a team with both Ciaran and David being the anchor men.

Both cyclists now represent Pezula Racing and their main task is to get to Beijing to represent Ireland at the Olympic Games next August i Ciaran who finished in the top 20 in the last Olympics Road Race in Athens 2004 is building towards selection again for the road race.

Whereas David has set the bar at reaching the Chinese capital in the discipline of track racing in the Velodrome.
His will be as an  individual pursuiter over 4kms.

Currently he is rated in seventh place in the world rankings after three qualifying events in Beijing, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen which were held last December, January and February.

The final quaifier with double points on offer is scheduled for Manchester at the end of March.

In the meantime the duo will fine tunng their racing programme in South Africa next week in the Tour del Capo over five days. The event starts on Tuesday and the final stage is an individual time trial.

In addition to Ciaran and David, Morgan Fox, Martyn Irvine, Derek Burke who comes into the team after Kieran Page a former M.Donnelly Junior Tour winner had to cry off because of injury. Also Pezula made a significant signing last week with Aussie Cameron Jennings joining the team. Certainly along with his new team Cameron comes with an excellent CV, particularly in Australia.

According to a team spokesperson, the lads will be up against tough opposition, but if Ciaran and David are to achieve their aims this year, this is the place to show their mettle.


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