Geelong Women’s Tour 2008 – Second place for Emma Rickards

News an Pictures by John Pierce, PhotoSport International

24 February, 2008 – Emma Rickards (AUS) from Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team took second place in today’s UCI women’s World Cup kick-off in Australia, finishing shortly behind the day winner Katheryn Matthis (USA, Webcor Builders) in a total race time of 3:04:46.

Geelong Women’s Tour

The team Cervélo-Lifeforce dominated the race from the start to the end. Thanks to early attacks from Karin Thürig and Priska Doppmann, a group of 12 racers went away. The High Road team from Ina Teutenberg was in the defensive position and had to react.  With a hard work, they closed the gap but than the racers of the Cervélo-Lifeforce Team launched again, first Priska Doppmann and than the final attack from the 34-year-old Emma Rickards.

Together with Katheryn Matthis, Emma Rickards gain an advantage of nearly 7 min to the following group. After a chase of the team High Road, there was still a two minutes gap between the leaders Rickards and Matthis. Than the tactics launched … 200 m before the finish, Matthis started the final sprint and unfortunately, Rickards was not able to beat her.

“For a World Cup and one in my own country I am ecstatic that I am on the podium, it’s the best result for me ever,” says Rickards after the race.
UCI women’s World Cup 2008 geelong

The success of Emma Rickards is a result of a perfect performance of whole Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team.


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