O`Loughlin Retains The Lacey Cup

There were dry breezy conditions in Tralee today as 97 riders took to the start for The Lacey Cup. The Senior C, Juniors, Ladies and Vets over 45 years of age had a 5minute advantage over the Senior B, and Vets Under 45 years with the scratch group a further 2 minutes behind.


Early indications showed that the scratch group were going to have a hard day of it as they lost 1 minute on the very strong middle group after 20 kms of racing.


Going over the first K.O.H at Gleann na nGealt it was Michael Lynch(Limerick CC) who took the prime. By now the middle group were only 2 minutes behind the leading group.

These front two groups merged between Anascaul and Inch strand with the scratch group nowhere to be seen. With 30kms remaining, on the straight road to Castlemaine three riders forged clear. National Veterans Champion Martin O Loughlin(Dan Morrissey Carrick), Tom Shanahan(Limerick CC) and Keith Gater( Comeragh CC) held a small 20 second lead all the way to the bottom of Slieve Mish.

On the climb some very hard turns were put in by the three leaders and the gap opened up to 30 seconds as O Loughlin made his move going over the top and taking the K.O.H also.


On the tricky descent into Tralee it was O Loughlin who managed to hold off the two chasers to successfully defend his Lacey Cup title.

Lacey Cup, Tralee, Co. Kerry, 44miles

1st    Martin O Loughlin        Dan Morrissey Carrick   1hr 52mins 40secs
2nd     Tom Shanahan        Limerick CC            @15sec
3rd     Keith Gater            Comeragh CC        @16sec
4th    Mark Nugent            Comeragh CC        @30sec
5th     Michael Lucey        Killarney CC
6th     Peter Bane            Limerick CC
7th    Danny Carroll        Clonmel CC
8th    Martin O Brien        Comeragh CC
9th    Keith Walsh            Dungarvan CC
10th    Diarmuid Carew        Dan Morrissey Carrick

1st Unplaced B
Michael Storan            West Clare CC

1st Unplaced C
Jonathan Gibson            Usher IRC

1st Unplaced Vet
Andre Engermann            St. Tiernans

1st Unplaced Junior
Bernard Geoghegan            Kanturk CUCC

1st Unplaced Lady
Kama Rose                West Coast Wheelers

KOH Gleann na Gealt
Michael Lynch            Limerick CC

KOH Slieve Mish
Martin O Loughlin            Dan Morrissey Carrick


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