Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 – Stage 7 – Alberto Loddo furious after crash

The race was exciting towards the end, especially the aftermath of the crash involving Alberto Loddo and Danilo Hondo, both were stage winners of 4 and 5.

Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 Stage 7 crash

This is the first time I witness a cycling crash that close, it was just less than 50 meters from me. Everything happened so fast, I wasn’t sure what was going on except that everyone was stunt and panic. Right after the crash, everyone ran towards the riders that were lying on the ground.

LTdL 2008 Danilo Hondo injured

According to the commentator, there were 6 riders involved in the crash. I watched the video replays, the one that got hit badly were Alberto Loddo and Danilo Hondo. After all the riders crossed the finish line, Loddo ran towards Mauro Abel Richeze from CSF-Group Navigare team and shouted at him. I heard a few loud vulgars and the word “Malaysia”, he was furious for some reason.

Alberto Loddo furios after crash in LTdL 2008
Loddo walking towards Mauro Abel Richeze from team CSF-Group navigare

Loddo furious with CSF-Group Navigare
Mauro Abel Richeze from CSF-Group Navigare giving apology as Loddo trying to cool down

Mauro Abel Richeze CSF-Group Navigare said”Sorry, sorry, sorry”, apologized 3 times when Loddo shouted at him. Reporters and photographers were surrounding them, so are the officials. Many of them were trying to investigate the actual incident by viewing pictures and replaying the videos that are captured from their cameras. Although there isn’t any definite answer as the crash happened so fast, some were saying Loddo would have won the stage if it is not because of the crash.

It was a straight path of 6-7 km before the finishing line, you can imagine the cyclist would be sprinting at least 60-70 km/h, the crash is not much different from a motorbike accident. I saw Loddo was aching as he walking back to his team car, agonizing as some part of the flesh in his body was tore away during the crash.

LTdL 2008, Loddo injured after crash

Tomorrow will be a race that you must follow. The yellow jersey is still undecided that all 19 riders who has more than 20 mins lead stand a chance.

1 213 AUS Docker,Mitchell DPC Drapac Porsche 26h36’10”  
2 65 FRA Sprick,Matthieu BTL Bouygues Telecom 26h36’12” @02″
3 92 ESP Cesar,Gustavo KGZ Karpin Galicia 26h36’15” @05″
4 114 ITA Nosotti,Diego NGC NGC Medical – OTC 26h36’16” @06″
5 101 AUS Wilson,Matt TT1 Team Type 1 26h36’18” @08″
6 173 AUS Sulzberger,Bernard L2A Letua Cycling Team 26h36’18” = s/t
7 191 KOR Park,Sung Baek SCT Seoul Cycling 26h36’19” @09″
8 16 VEN Rodriguez,Jackson SDA Serramenti PVC 26h36’19” = s/t
9 221 NZL Yates,Jeremy NZL New Zealand N.T. 26h36’19” = s/t
10 143 JPN Fukushima,Shinichi EQA Meitan Hompo – GDR 26h36’20” @10″
11 4 FRA Marino,Jean-Marc C.A Credit Agricole 26h36’23” @13″
12 132 AUS Dempster,Zakkari SAI SouthAustralia.Com – AIS 26h36’24” @14″
13 45 BLR Sobal,Yauhen TCS Tinkoff Credit Systems 26h36’25” @15″
14 51 JPN Nodera,Hidenori SKS Skil – Shimano 26h36’25” = s/t
15 14 MDA Ivanov,Ruslan SDA Serramenti PVC 26h36’25” = s/t
16 33 GBR Coutts,Alex GNT Giant Asia Racing Team 26h36’25” = s/t
17 104 NZL Chadwick,Glen TT1 Team Type 1 26h36’25” = s/t
18 21 RSA McCleod,Ian RSA South African N.T. 26h36’25” = s/t
19 52 JPN Kano,Tomoya SKS Skil – Shimano 26h36’25” = s/t

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