Le Tour de Langkawi – Stage 5 – “Gearbox Lamb Soup” near Kota Tinggi, Johor

Yesterday we had our lunch at Melacca, today we stopped by a junction near Kota Tinggi for some really famous lamb soup. According to Marcus, you can’t find such stuff in Kuala Lumpur, so I just gave it a shot.

Gearbox sup kambing
The map to Restoran Seri Selera Norliah

The soup is priced reasonably at RM 5

sup kambing gearbox
Doesn’t look delicious but smells good, remind me of jail food

But when the food comes… you will start drooling..


You’ll be wondering why are they providing providing straw for a bowl of soup, you’re suppose to use the straw to suck the bone marrows.

Look at the amount of bones from that 2 bowl of soup.

Overall, the customer is very satisfied.


  1. tomas mac cathmaoil


    unfortunately you forgot to tell the viewers that you are not feeling well at the moment!

    Could it be possibly be that ate something (you eat soup) that might not have agreed with you.

    Keep the chin up.

    A Thomais

  1. 1 Bone Powered Soup! | Tourism Melaka

    […] It’s rally hot. Read other bloggers experience with this famous soup of bones here, here and here. It’s sure everyone […]

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