Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 – Radio Tour with live updates

Article and Pictures by John Pierce, PhotoSport International

The problem with race radio tour, is for the team cars to get information there really needs to be a plane in the sky with a signal relay, beamed up and then back down over a large area.


That costs a fortune.

The alternative is to devise a route and a roster that will almost guarantee a bunch finish.

The reason being is radios work very well in a straight line, with no hills in between. Well there are no hills on the first stage. So what happened?

The use the radio on the flat, it is relayed from the moto to the command car and then to the peloton.

There is no facility if the break gets beyond the relay distance, and then the link is broken. So riders receive no instructions and everyone assumes the situation is okay – as the break goes further and further away.


The commissaire will have radio, as will command – but it will go dead back in the peloton… Likewise the team managers would not be able to reach the front runners unless they were behind the break. Then of course they would be non the wiser that there was no radio at the back.


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