U23 World Champion Peter Velits second in last World’s View Challenge race

Team MILRAM with three youngsters in the Top Ten after a strong race

Dortmund, 07 February 2008.  The Team MILRAM youngsters around Peter Velits gave a strong performance at the end of the „Intaka Tech’s World View Challenge“ (February 2-7 /UCI 1.1) on Thursday.  The Slovakian U23 World Champion, along with teammates Luca Barla, Markus Eichler and Christian Kux, joined a 25-rider strong escape group shortly after the start of the race. The 22 year-old Velits made a final break just a few kilometers before the finish line, and only four riders could follow him.  The closing sprint went to Manuel Quinziato (Team Liquigas) ahead of MILRAM’s Peter Velits and Christian Pfannberger (Team  Barloworld).  Markus Eichler (7th), Luca Barla (10th) and Christian Kux (17th) rounded out the good results for the German ProTour team.

„We finished things up with a very strong performance,“ said Jochen Hahn, MILRAM’s Directeur Sportif.  „Our young team did a classy job today and supported Peter Velits, who rode very aggresively.  Too bad that all the hard work wasn’t rewarded in the end.  But we are of course very satisfied with our overall performance here in the Challenge.“

The youngsters’ appearance in South Africa was quite successful for the German ProTour team.  The team, with an average age of 23,5 years, presented the blue MILRAM jerseys on to the podium four times in the five races.  Ukranian Andrey Grivko finished second in both of the first two races.  MILRAM’s Björn Schröder and U23 World Champion Peter Velits also finished second in the third and fifth races in the „Intaka World’s View Challenge.

Additional information and results for the individual races can be found under  http://www.worldsviewchallenge.co.za.

Additional information about Team MILRAM can be found on the official website, http://www.team-milram.de

The Team MILRAM line-up:

Luca Barla (ITA), Markus Eichler (GER), Artur Gajek (GER), Andrey Grivko (UKR), Christian Kux (GER), Dominik Roels (GER), Björn Schröder (GER), Sebastian Schwager (GER), Martin Velits (SVK), Peter Velits (SVK).

Directeur Sportif: 

Jochen Hahn (GER).

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