Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 – Behind the scene day 1

Date: 7/2/2008

9.30 am – TJ (our web photographer) picked me up from my house with a Proton Savvy given by Le Tour (picture below). It’s a manual transmission car, luckily TJ is pretty good at it because me and Marcus haven’t been driving manual since the day we got our driving license.


10.30 am – It’s Chinese New Year anyway! We visited Marcus house and got our “Ang Pau” (red envelops with money inside). It’s a tradition thing. Felt so embarrassed as me and TJ both wearing black and white T-shirts, as though as we are going for a funeral.

11 am – After we had some nice food cooked by Marcus’ mother, we begin our long journey. It is approximately 400 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to Kedah (where Stage 1 of begins).


11.30 am – We stopped at the Sungai Buloh stop for a loo because the traffic seems crazy ahead. There were many cars heading towards north.

1.30 pm – We had our lunch at Tapah. The crowds were overwhelmed. We had to queue to get our food. Luckily we found a table or else we’ll be eating while standing. TJ needed rest so I was the driver for the next 180 kilometers. Nice scenery.


5 pm – We stopped at Gurun for more petrol. Marcus took over as the driver; I prayed hard that God will grant us journey mercy for the rest of the 100 kilometers (due to the fact that I had too many bad experiences for Marcus being the driver).


6 pm – Thank God, we arrived safely. Marcus driving was not bad, we’ve finally made to our hotel. We checked in our baggage, visited the media center to meet some old friends and went out for dinner. No luck with Chinese food, we settled with Kentucky Fried Chicken (Sharon was with us).

Sharon (left) and Dini (right)

LTdL 2008 Media Centre in Holiday Villa, Kedah.

Tomorrow will be the team presentation, will keep you guys updated!


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