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Source: TDL Website

“Getting the right combination will be important where I think that we need to speed up just before the climb. There will be a good mix of teams in the front although I believe that (Nicolas) Roche will be up there to challenge for Fraser.”
Simon Gerrans, Credit Agricole
“It is mostly flat this year and I expect either Loddo or Hondo to dominate although I believe that Ruben Bongiorno can also make a difference in the final count. But I think that whoever has the consistent ability in the bunch sprints can win the overall race.” – Gianni Savio, team manager Serramenti PVC
“I am getting married next month and this I an added incentive for me to go all out to improve on my previous best when I finished fifth in a stage and 32nd overall in 2006. This is my sixth Tour and I have set myself a personal target to finish in the top 20 overall and hopefully get a podium finish at Asian level in the sprint.”Malaysian national team rider Suhardi Hassan, 26
“After my recent success in the Tour of Malaysia where I registered three stage wins and take the blue jersey for the overall sprint title, I am all set to take off in the Tour Langkawi. I also believe that my chance of winning Stage Seven is as good as anyone. The short distance and flat terrain suits me fine. I have faith in my team and this gives me confidence. If we employ the right tactics we should be able to pull off a win.”Anuar Manan, 22, who will race in LeTua Cycling Team colours

Source: TDL Website

KUALA LUMPUR (8 Feb, 2008) – It is the calm before the storm. On the eve of each Le Tour de Langkawi, the team presentation ceremony is held with all the riders being introduced in their full kits. But behind all the pleasantries and smiles at the presentation, was the tension and anticipation ahead of the race tomorrow.

For the first time in the history of the LTdL, and this is due to this year’s route, there is a strong possibility that a sprinter could be crowned the overall champion of Asia’s biggest road race. In the past, it was always the climbers who prevailed. Continue Reading »

Credit Agricole (C.A)
Manager: SEIGNEUR Eddy
1 Gerrans,Simon AUS
2 Hinault,Sebastien FRA
3 Hunt,Jeremy GBR
4 Marino,Jean-Marc FRA
5 Mederel,Maxime FRA
6 Roche,Nicolas IRL

Serramenti PVC (SDA)
Manager: SAVIO Giovanni
11 Serpa Perez,Jose COL
12 Hondo,Danilo GER
14 Ivanov,Ruslan MDA
15 Ochoa,Carlos Jos VEN
16 Rodriguez,Jackson VEN
17 Bertolini,Denis ITA

South African N.T. (RSA)
Manager: AUSTIN Barry
21 McCleod,Ian RSA
22 George,David RSA
23 Woolcock,Waylon RSA
24 Venter,Jacobus RSA
25 Hoffman,Nolan RSA
26 Van Niekerk,Dennis RSA

Giant Asia Racing Team (GNT)
Manager: KASIYAPHAT Wisut
31 Loffler,Stefan GER
33 Coutts,Alex GBR
34 Hoffmann,Erik GER
35 Lai,Kuan Hua TPE
36 Peng,Kuei Hsiang TPE

Tinkoff Credit Systems (TCS)
Manager: COZZI Claudio
41 Brutt,Pavel RUS
42 Klimov,Serguei RUS
43 Loddo,Alberto ITA
44 Pedraza,Walter COL
45 Sobal,Yauhen BLR
46 Trusov,Nikolay RUS

Skil – Shimano (SKS)
Manager: HISAFUMI Imanishi
51 Nodera,Hidenori JPN
52 Kano,Tomoya JPN
53 Hirose,Yoshimasa JPN
54 Hatanaka,Yusuke JPN
55 Abe,Yoshiyuki JPN
56 Iino,Yoshinori JPN

Bouygues Telecom (BTL)
Manager: ARNOULD Dominique
61 Claude,Mathieu FRA
62 Clement,Stef NED
63 Clerc,Aurlien SUI
64 Martias,Rony FRA
65 Sprick,Matthieu FRA
66 Tschopp,Johann SUI

AG2R La Mondiale (ALM)
Manager: KASPUTIS Arturas
71 Usov,Alexandre BLR
72 Kangert,Tanel EST
73 Pineau,Cedric FRA
74 Senac,Jean-Charles FRA
75 Sonnery,Blaise FRA
76 Vandenbergh,Stijn BEL

CSF Group-Navigare (CSF)
Manager: REVERBERI Roberto
81 Bongiorno,Ruben ARG
82 Perez Cuapio,Julio MEX
83 Richeze,Mauro Abel ARG
84 Savini,Filippo ITA
85 Tomei,Francesco ITA
86 Priamo,Matteo ITA

Karpin Galicia (KGZ)
Manager: PINO Alvaro
91 Garcia,David ESP
92 Cesar,Gustavo ESP
93 Troncoso,Ramon ESP
94 Mouron,Juan ESP
95 Paleo,Alejandro ESP
96 Isaychev,Vladimir RUS

Team Type 1 (TT1)
Manager: BEAMON Edward
101 Wilson,Matt AUS
102 Brooks,Ben AUS
103 Calabria,Fabio AUS
104 Chadwick,Glen NZL
105 Aldape,Moises MEX
106 MacGregor,Ian USA

NGC Medical – OTC (NGC)
Manager: BALDINI Pier Giovanni
111 Rossi,Enrico ITA
112 Corsini,Marco ITA
113 Maisto,Massimiliano ITA
114 Nosotti,Diego ITA
115 Trafelet,Stefan SUI

Team Ista (ITA)
Manager: TAUMLER Hartmut
121 Hofbauer,Rolf GER
122 Keinath,Nico GER
123 Lehmann,Jorg GER
124 Meschenmoser,Chris. GER
125 Schmuda,Robin GER
126 Schwarz,Nikolai GER

SouthAustralia.Com – AIS (SAI)
Manager: STEPHENS Brian
131 Clarke,Simon AUS
132 Dempster,Zakkari AUS
133 Ford,William AUS
134 King,Benjamin AUS
135 Sulzberger,Wesley AUS
136 Walker,Johnnie AUS

Meitan Hompo – GDR (EQA)
Manager: SHIMIZU Yusuka
141 Arashiro,Yukiya JPN
142 Fukushima,Koji JPN
143 Fukushima,Shinichi JPN
144 Miyazawa,Takashi JPN
145 Shimizu,Miyataka JPN
146 Ng,Yong Li MAS

Trek Marco Polo (MPC)
Manager: Carter, Michael
151 Crawford,Jai AUS
152 Kudentsov,Sergey RUS
153 Li,Fuyu CHN
154 Xing,Yan Dong CHN
155 Loh,Sea Keong MAS
156 Onodera,Ken JPN

Islamic Azad University (IAU)
Manager: Gholaim Hosein Kohi
161 Saeidi,Tanha Abbass IRI
162 Zargari,Amir IRI
163 Maleki,Mizan Hassan IRI
164 Fahridi,Kovij Mehdi IRI
165 Sohrabi,Mehdi IRI
166 Salehian,Farshad IRI

Letua Cycling Team (L2A)
Manager: YASSIN Shukor
171 Anuawar,Ahmad Haidar MAS
172 Manan,Anuar MAS
173 Sulzberger,Bernard AUS
174 M. Zahit,Mohd Sayuti MAS
175 Susanto,Tonton INA
176 Arihan,Ryan INA

Polygon Sweet Nice (PSN)
181 Fitrianto,Hari INA
182 Pahlavi,Abdullah Rizza INA
183 Dyadichkin,Vyacheslav KAZ
184 Jaya,Herwin INA
185 Lopez,Vladimir COL
186 Santoso,Budi INA

Seoul Cycling (SCT)
Manager: CHUNG Tae Yoon
191 Park,Sung Baek KOR
192 Park,Seon Ho KOR
193 Gong,Hyo Suk KOR
194 Lee,Won Jae KOR
195 Yoo,Ki Hong KOR
196 Kim,Gu Hyeon KOR

MNCF Cycling Team (MCF)
Manager: MISNOH Amrun
201 Rusli,Amir Mustafa MAS
202 Ruslan,Mohd Jasmin MAS
203 Aziz,Mohd Saiful Anuar MAS
204 Salleh,Mohd Hariff MAS
205 Thum,Weng Kin MAS
206 Mustarudin,M. Zamani MAS

Drapac Porche (DPC)
Manager: GIRAMONDO Agostino
211 Shaw,Stuart AUS
212 McDonald,Peter AUS
213 Docker,Mitchell AUS
214 Williams,Robert AUS
215 Bates,Gene AUS
216 O’Brien,Mark AUS

New Zealand N.T. (NZL)
Manager: LANDRY Jacques
221 Yates,Jeremy NZL
222 Odlin,Paul NZL
223 Whitehead,Ashley NZL
224 Kerr,Justin NZL
225 Lyttle,Scott NZL
226 Chapman,Joseph NZL

Hong Kong N.T. (HKG)
Manager: ZHANG Xiao Hua
231 Chan,Chun Hing HKG
232 Wu,Kin San HKG
233 Lam,Kai Tsun HKG
234 Tang,Wang Yip HKG
235 Ko,Siu Wai HKG
236 Yeung,Ying Hon HKG

Malaysia N.T. (MAS)
Manager: Cdr. Ismail OTHMAN
241 Hassan,Suhardi MAS
242 Ahmad Lutfi,M. Fauzan MAS
243 Saleh,Mohd Zamri MAS
244 Nur Misbah,Mohd Rauf MAS
245 Abd Razak,Mohd Faris MAS
246 Daud,M. Firdaus MAS

For years since its inception back in 1996 Le Tour de Langkawi has been a big draw for cyclists the world over. The roll call of winners’ emhasises this with the inaugural winner from Australia and last year a Frenchman was victorious. Alan Charteau led from the front after day three and epitomised the true qualities of a great bike rider.

LTdL 2007 Genting stg 8 Race winner Charteau in yellow, Stage winner Jose SERPA
LTdL 2007 Genting stg 8 Race winner Charteau in yellow, Stage winner Jose SERPA
Picture by John Pierce

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Cycling Australia today confirmed the members of the Australian team to contest the fourth and final round of the 2007-08 UCI Track World Cup series to be raced in Copenhagen from 15 to 17 February.

Australian National Team – ‘The Cyclones’

Mark French (Elwood, VIC) 13.10.1984
Matthew Goss (Claremont, TAS) 05.11.1986
Cameron Meyer (Helena Valley, WA) 11.01.1988
Travis Meyer (Helena Valley, WA) 08.06.1989
Shane Perkins (Hughesdale, VIC) 30.12.1986
Luke Roberts (Walkerville, SA) 15.01.1977

Date: 7/2/2008

9.30 am – TJ (our web photographer) picked me up from my house with a Proton Savvy given by Le Tour (picture below). It’s a manual transmission car, luckily TJ is pretty good at it because me and Marcus haven’t been driving manual since the day we got our driving license.


10.30 am – It’s Chinese New Year anyway! We visited Marcus house and got our “Ang Pau” (red envelops with money inside). It’s a tradition thing. Felt so embarrassed as me and TJ both wearing black and white T-shirts, as though as we are going for a funeral. Continue Reading »

Not only does the organiser of the FBD Insurance serve up a tough course for the FBD Insurance Ras but he tags on another milestone in the history of this event with the announcement that FBD Insurance are now sponsors of the event for the last 25 years.

So, it is no surprise that Dermot Dignam wants to serve up an 8-day race that will test the mettle and the ability of the contestants over a testing course come May 18.

Of course Dermot was a competitor in the great event many years ago and he knows that to have a worthy winner, the course has to be sporting not alone for the competitors but the public want an equally interesting event that hopefully will go rightdown to the wire. Continue Reading »

Team MILRAM with three youngsters in the Top Ten after a strong race

Dortmund, 07 February 2008.  The Team MILRAM youngsters around Peter Velits gave a strong performance at the end of the „Intaka Tech’s World View Challenge“ (February 2-7 /UCI 1.1) on Thursday.  The Slovakian U23 World Champion, along with teammates Luca Barla, Markus Eichler and Christian Kux, joined a 25-rider strong escape group shortly after the start of the race. The 22 year-old Velits made a final break just a few kilometers before the finish line, and only four riders could follow him.  The closing sprint went to Manuel Quinziato (Team Liquigas) ahead of MILRAM’s Peter Velits and Christian Pfannberger (Team  Barloworld).  Markus Eichler (7th), Luca Barla (10th) and Christian Kux (17th) rounded out the good results for the German ProTour team. Continue Reading »

Team MILRAM captain looks for fourth consecutive win

Dortmund, 07 February 2008.  Team MILRAM captain Alessandro Petacchi will open his 2008 season on Saturday, February 9, with the GP Costa degli Etruschi.  With a team aimed at a mass sprint finish, the German ProTour team will look for the Italian sprinter star’s fourth consecutive win.

„The first race of the year is always a special one for me,“ MILRAM captain Alessandro Petacchi said.  „The GP Costa degli Etruschi takes place about 100 km from my hometown, so my whole family is there every year.  Of course that gives me extra motivation.  I hope that we can go well-organized into the mass sprint directly at the beginning of the season.  I naturally want to repeat my victory of the last years.“ Continue Reading »