Le Tour De Langkawi 2008 – Rossi leads Porte’s chase for glory

Source: The Star 

KUALA LUMPUR: Swiss NGC Medical-OTC Industria Porte are newcomers in the cycling fraternity but they certainly won’t be lacking in experience in the Tour of Langkawi (LTdL) championships from Feb 9-17.

They have five experienced Italian riders in their ranks alongside one Swiss and they will be looking at making a big impact in the LTdL.

In 25-year-old Enrico Rossi, they have a rider with the experience of having raced in Asia and he will spearhead the team’s charge in the sprints.

The team will bank on Massimiliano Maisto to provide much of the thrust in the climb up Fraser’s Hill.

The other Italians in the side are Marco Catteneo, Marco Corsini and Diego Nosotti. Their Swiss rider is Stefan Trafelet.

NGC Medical-OTC Industria Porte in an official release said: “There is a feeling that the Tour of Langkawi will be a little easier due to the absence of the climb up Genting Highlands.

“But with the presence of several teams from the Pro Tour, professional teams from Europe and also from the other continents, it will make the race a lot harder.

“The Pro Tour teams (Credit Agricole, Ag2R and Bouygues Telekom) will still be the favourites but we have the desire to make a strong impression even though this will be our first Tour of Langkawi.”


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