Argentina: Tour de San Luis 2008

Sean Kelly Racing Team made their international debut yesterday in the  Argentinian Tour de San Luis with 200 competitors facing the start. Best of the team was Mark Cassidy in the 3.5km Prologue who finished in 71st place. He was 22 seconds adrift of Martin Garrido who posted the best time.

Tour de San Luis (2.2), Argentina

Details Prologue/3.5kms

1, Martin Garrido (Palmeiras Resort-Tavira), 4mins.26secs ;
2, F. Antogna (Chivilcoy) @2secs;
3, A. Borrajo (Colavita Sutter Home), @3;
Irish Team Placings:
71, Mark Cassidy (An Post/MDonnellySean Kelly), @22;
83, Stephen Gallagher, @ 24;
117, Paidi O’Brien, @30;
126, Viktor Folkesson, @ 31;
140, Isaac Speirs, @33;
162, Christian Muller, @36.

(200 starters)


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