The Irish Government is to foot the bill for a 1 million euro investment in ‘Tourism’ which will benefit cycists and walkers.
Waymarked paths along some of the most scenic parts of the country. Counties, Cork, Sligo, Wicklow and Tipperary will be rolled out with the backing of the public money.

Plus there will be beach management works in Kerry and Sligo and angling facilities in Co.Wexford.

The successful projects were approved by the Failte Ireland Authority after proposals from local authorities and development bodies throughout the country.
They include:

1. Cycling and walking routes in Bantry, Co. Cork; Doorly Park, Co. Sligo;Cruagh, Tibradden and Kilmashogue, Co. Wicklow and a heritage trail in Co. Tipperary.
2. Angling facilites at Kilmore Harbour in Co. Wexford.
3. Beach management projects at Strandhill, Co. Sligo and County Kerry.
4. Tourism Minister Seamus Brennan said the million plus funding was part of a wider 15.7 million investment package for the year ahead.
5. The tourist industry is one that makes a huge contribution to the Irish economy, generating some 6billion in revenue each year and employing 250,000 people.
6. To maintain this progress, the industry must commit to constantly refreshing, upgrading and expanding tourist facilities to meet the ever more demanding requirements of visitors to Ireland.


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