One of Britain’s leading cyclists was killed today while out training near his home in Fort William. Jason MacIntyre, a three-time British champion and Scottish record holder, was training on the A82 road when he was hit by a vehicle, said to be a council vehicle which overtook him and then turned into his path. The 34-year old was airlifted from the scene but died on his way to hospital in Glasgow.

Jason represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in 2002, enjoyed arguably his best season in 2007. He beat the national ten-mile record, held by Graeme Obree, with a stunning time of 18 minutes, 47 seconds. He also won the British 25-mile title for the second time and was leading Tour de France star David Millar in the Olympic time trial title race until a puncture ended his challenge.

He was known to be highly motivated for the 2008 season, and had spoken not only of another tilt at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, but also of possible selection for the Beijing Olympics this summer. Last week he was one of the riders selected by the Braveheart Cycling Fund to receive significant financial backing for the coming season.


  1. Colin Smith

    Jason was hit by a vehicle in the late 1990s on the A82 near the Three Mile Water. It was a Landrover,or similar vehicle, and he was run over by its trailer. I don’t think the driver stopped but was seen by other drivers who reported it to the police. The case went to court about one year later but had to be dropped because the witnesses could no longer testify accurately enought to what they had seen. This is my recollection of the account that Jason gave me.

  2. Jef

    Colin, are you suggesting that this might not be just an “accident” ?

  3. Colin Smith

    No. This is a comment on the level of consideration shown by other road-users on the A82 around cyclists based on Jason’s death, personal experience and that of other cyclists I know that have used this road.

    I feel Jason’s death personally as I cycled with him on club runs and it’s a loss to his family and friends as well as being a the loss of a very talented cyclist.

    My concern is that numerous people, including Jason, have had near misses or accidents and that this will continue to happen until the attitudes of drivers changes.

    I feel saddened by Jason’s death and my sympathy goes to his family and friends.

  4. The fact that he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters – one of whom needed full-time care due to a serious medical condition – makes it even more tragic.

    Jason was his daughter Megan’s full-time carer. His family will now need to find money to pay for a carer for Megan.

    You can help to support his family by donating to the Jason MacIntyre Memorial Fund here:

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