Fu Yu loses his red jersey to Tonton after Stage Four

Source: The Star Malaysia

MUAR: Indonesian veteran Tonton Susanto, riding for Malaysian outfit LeTua, surprisingly snatched the red jersey from previous overall leader Lu Fu Yu of Trek Marco Polo even though he finished third in Stage Four of the Tour of Malaysia yesterday.

Frederick Johansson of DifferdangeApiflo won the stage from Batu Pahat to Muar, clocking 4’04:31 in the 178.8km race. Japan’s Kohei Uchima was credited with the same time for second place and Tonton was in the next pack of finishers with a time of 4’04:34.

Fu Yu, who has worn the red jersey since winning Stage One, failed to keep up with the leading peloton and was placed 12th with a time of 4’11:08.

“In today’s race, I kept a watch from the early stages on the cyclists in the leading pack and followed them closely,” said Tonton.

He added that he would be out to consolidate his position as leader in three more stages and would have to ride with caution in the mountain stage today from Gemas to Karak, covering 133.7km.

The fifth stage also has three sprint zones.

Tonton’s team-mate Anuar Manan kept the blue jersey even though he failed to pick up a point from the three sprint zones yesterday.

“I intend to continue wearing the blue jersey in the remaining three stages and tomorrow, I will be back getting points to strengthen my position as the sprint leader,” said Anuar, who won the second and third stage of the Tour.

Kuala Lumpur’s Suhardi Hassan continued to be the leading Malaysian rider in the Tour with a fifth-place finish yesterday.

He has now stretched his lead to more than four minutes over the MCF’s Amir Rusli Mustafa.

Stage 4 results
(Batu Pahat-Muar, 178.8km)

Top 10 finishers: 1. Frederick Johansson (Differdange-Apiflo) 4’04:31, 2. Kohei Uchima (Jpn), 3. Tonton Susanto (LeTua) 4’04’34, 4. Lam Kai Tsun (Hkg), 5. Suhardi Hasaan (Kul) 6. Saeditanha Abbas (Islamic Azad University), 7. Ghader Mizbani (Tabriz Petrochemical), 8. Kaushige Kuboki (Jpn), 9. Tomoya Kano (Skil Shimano), 10. Masakazu Ito (Jpn).

Leading standings

Individual (red jersey): 1. Tonton Susanto 15’21:26, 2. Ghader Mizbani 15’21:30, 3. Frederick Johansson 15’23:26, 4. Suhardi Hassan 15’23:31, 5. Saeditanha Abbas 15’23:35, 6. Masakazu Ito 15’23:40, 7. Kohei Uchima 15’26:16, 8. Li Fu Yu (Trek Marco Polo) 15’26:47, 9. Kazushige Kuboki 15’26:48, 10. Marcel Strauss (Stegcomputer-CKT) 15’26:51.

Team: 1. Japan 46’08:59, 2. Tabriz Petrochemical (Iri) 46’18:41, 3. LeTua (Mas) 46’19:48.


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