Event Group 2007

Irish professional cyclists are coming back to Ireland to race this August, thanks to the sponsorship of Failte Ireland.

It has been quite a while in the eyes of the general public to see a professional peloton on the highways and byways of Ireland. In August, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Failte Ireland, the buzz and excitement returns!

Adding to those sentiments was Sean Kelly, a former winner of four ‘Classics’ Tour of Ireland. “Irish cycling is well thought of on the European scene. I don’t see any problems attracting the household on the ProTour scene. The Autumn Classics will be gearing up and it will be advantageous for the top teams to come to Ireland.

“The organisers of the event, ‘Event Group’, have a great understanding of the sport, virtually on all continents. It will be an opportunity for the Irish professionals who ply their trade to showpiece themselves in the event,” Sean said.

Back in the mid-eighties and early nineties the Kellogg Series and then the ‘Classics’ were the food at the top table for Irish cycling in general.

In 1998, the first visit of the Tour de Fance wetted their appetites again, but then the lights dimmed and very nearly went out, but for the ingenuity of Darach McQuaid of the dynasty who has been working feverishly away in the background along with his partner Alan Rushton.

Together they have rekindled the fires of the pro scene in Ireland when the event takes to the roads on 22nd – 26th August 2007 and annually thereafter.

Fortunately Fáilte Ireland recognised that the coverage that the media gives to sport in this country warranted the investment and the professionalism that McQuaid and Rushton will bring to the event will probably rub off on everyone associated with the event and more so the general public.

The Tour is fully supported by the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism, through the sports tourism initiative, which is run by Fáilte Ireland. The event also has the full support of the Irish Sports Council.

Naturally from the organisers and sponsors lofty positions, because of the problems assocated with the professional side of the sport, it is important that “history will make its own judgment on the committment of all parties, but the priority for the moment has to be to support the long-term future of the sport both here and abroad, so that Ireland in the future will have a professional annually date on the Union Cycliste Internationale calendar.”

The race will be composed of 112 professional riders, 300 race personnel and media plus 125 official vehicles and 28 civilian motorcyclists.

The Tour is organised by The Events Group Limited, in association with Shadetree Sports. The Events Group promoted the former Nissan Classic
(1985–1992) and the start of the Tour de France from Ireland (1998).

The 2007 course:

Stage 1, Aug 22: Kilkenny Castle – Cork, 160km Stage 2, Aug 23: Clonakilty – Killarney, 167km Stage 3, Aug 24: Tralee – Ennis, 190km Stage 4, Aug 25: Galway – Galway, 212km Stage 5, Aug 26: Athlone – Dublin, 135km


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    Very informative, concise and thorough
    Cycling Blog.To have so much cycling info. available in one place is great.

    Thank you very much.

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