Allice Sherratt
Sam Darcy has been involved since the start of this event , he has been central to the race along with his late wife Betty Think ‘Gorey’! What comes to mind, of course it is the Gorey Three Day and one person stands out. Sam Darcy has been in since the start of this event way back in 1967. He has been central to it along with his late wife Betty.

Today, the backing comes from BERTONI and it is greatly acknowledged by the ‘A’ team.
Of course Sam would be the first in line to acknowledge the work that goes on behind the scenes. It is a case for the competitor to get his entry in on time. Within days of the application forms seeing daylight! They are snatched up and back with Alice Sherratt such is the demand to be on the start list.

This year’s race has an entry of 200. That alone tells the story of why the race has a special slot on the calendar. Fortunately, I was able to have a few words with the Chief Commissarie for the event, Philip O’Brien. I asked who in his mind stood out as winners’ of the event. Without pausing for breadth, ‘Peter Doyle who was the first winner. He comes to mind immediately as he was a member of Bray Wheelers like myself.

‘There has to be no doubt in mind, but Mark Scanlon stands head and shoulders above all comers. It was 1998 and all the arterial roads around Co. Wicklow were going through transition for want of a better word. The final stage went over Drumgoff (site of the Shay Elliott Memorial). Mark literally was in a class of his own. That would have to be one of the great wins. To think that the year before he was second. Unfortunately we cannot rewind time, but for the break going off course again on the final stage, Mark could have been the only competitor to have back to back wins. But that’s life!

Philip O’Brien
‘He may not have won the event but Sean Kelly’s participation a couple of years ago was also one of the highlights of my involvement with the race. He was such a genuine competitor and on that occasion it created real buzz about the event. Unfortunately he may have been a world beater in his day but the ‘Gorey’ brought him back to terra firma and he finished, (long pause) well not exactly in the top ten. If memory serves me right, I think that Sean Lally never won the event, but he was a great character and competitor,’ said Phil.

Philip Cassidy
The presence of Philip Cassidy as a starter for the first time this year must cause a ripple. Recently I spoke with Philip after his win the Christy McManus sponsored by Duff’s of Bray in Roundwood. ‘The only occasion I have been to the ‘Gorey’ was back in 1979. PJ Nolan a former President of Cycling Ireland was making his mark. ‘Now after all these years I will be on the start line. Of course I am looking forward to the challenge! This race has its own piece of history. The numbers who turn up to race is a testament to its success,’ said Philip. Of course Philip’s team have been causing their own ripples with the success they have attained so far this season. He must be rated to show up in the general classification, but with 200 starters, there has to be a joker in the pack.

I’ll leave the last word to the race commissarie, Philip O’Brien, ‘I have no problem with the numbers. The same practices have to put in place if its for one, but my principal hope is that the race goes well and that the everybody associated with the event have a safe passage,’ said the genial Mr. O’Brien who is better known as the motor bike com. As for a winner, well it is high time that the promoters of the club, Usher Irish Road Club got their name on the trophy. Maybe, Shane Baker on their behalf will bridge the gap back to Karl Donnelly. Looking through the the entires, Neil Martin a former professional and Aidan Duff are in the mix this time around, but it has to Baker to land the prize.

Additional information: Sign on: Easter Saturday 7th April from 9.15a.m. – 11.00am in St. Mark’s G.A.A. Club, Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght. Riders leave St. Mark’s at 11.15 am SHARP and assemble at the starting line in Brittas to start at 12 noon.

PRIZES: First 25 overall, First 2 unplaced Vets, 3rd, First 2 unplaced Cats.
& Juniors, 1st & 2nd Club Teams, First 8 in Stages 1, 3, & 4. First 6 in Time Trial. Ladies Prizes & NEW this year we have a Points and K.O.H.

Changing facilities, Prize Presentation/Final G.C. – St. Mark’s G.A.A. Club, Tallaght after race finish.


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