An added bonus to the cycling calendar (the official version is still I believe in the printers), is the Markievicz Cup which will be promoted by Eire Og, Sligo with generous sponsorship courtesy of Spectra Photography on the last day of this month, March!

It will be exclusively for B/C/Juniors/Veterans/Ladies according to race organiser Daire Mooney.

‘I realise we let a number of people down early in the month when we had to cancel an event. It was purely in the interest of safety and that is top of our list when events are held in this county.

‘In conjunction with the authorities we have found an alternative course which will suit all. Including my good self, as I will be a certain starter.

‘The problems still exist with the old course because of the road works.
Thankfully we have sorted that problem. ‘So, the Markievicz Cup goes ahead on Saturday at 2.45 for approximately 50 miles of racing,’ said Daire.

Colloney is the start venue and dressing is in the Teeling Community Centre from 2.00pm onwards.

Evidently there is s real market out there for guys and lassies who want to avoid the big hitters in open races. Bray Wheelers were totally taken by surprise last Saturday when over 140 turned up in Roundwood for the Christy McManus, albeit in brilliant sunshine.


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