Michael O’Connor for as long as I can remember as been at the helm in one way or another with the Fermoy CC.
‘Everything is in place for Sunday.

Naturally we are looking forward to a big tun out. I assume the majority of the Munster competitors will stay in the province to support the race.

‘Certainly, Dan Morrissey Carrick Wheelers Road Club have been acquitting themselves very well. Since day one of the season they have been mixing with the best and getting the results. ‘Still, I hope that our man Michael Hennessey can defend the trophy that he won here last year. ‘That win over the Patrick’s weekend in Ras Luimini at Fedamore, Co. Limerick gave him a jump start to the season,’ said Michael.

The course is 12.5 miles and will be covered five times. There are no climbs but aside from that it is undulating and for the seasoned bikie, they can turn this to their advantage! Knowing at the opportune time to catch the opposition off guard is the rain check.

Castlehyde is the start venue which happens also to be a well known location in the Fermoy area for world class dancers. Thew action gets under way at two o’clock.


  1. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

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